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From what I understand, conversion therapy is usually done by a religious group, and amounts to torture. I feel people have focused too much on what they are trying to do and not enough on banning torture of children.

The United States has conversion therapy bans that have exceptions for religion. This means the torture of children can continue, but licensed practitioners can't counsel adults that don't want to transition or are questioning their "gender identity". It's a mess.

Update - reading multiple articles - the ban was only for minors under the age of 18, and included sexual orientation and gender identity.

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It's very complicated. Originally conversion therapy was outlawed to prevent therapists from "converting" gay/lesbian/bisexual clients. Which was a great victory. Then almost immediately, the TRAs seized on it and had it apply to gender identity in addition to sexual orientation. WHICH MEANS -- Now, if a client comes in with gender identity issues, the therapist is FORBIDDEN BY LAW from supporting any doubts or exploring with them any issues related to gender identity - they can ONLY AFFIRM. If they do anything other than affirm, they are committing crimes, may face jail time and loss of license. That is why for example some therapists work with parents rather than with teens - because if they did work with teens, it would technically be illegal since they do not use an exclusively affirmation model with gender identity questioning children.

What we need is the conversation therapy laws to apply to sexual orientation only, and not gender identity. Right now it's intertwined.

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Conversation therapy is something that should be made criminal.

However, I wonder if the gender identity therapists were simply not following the "affirmation only" models. Then they got slapped with "YoU'rE tRyInG tO cOnVeRt OuR kIdS!!" We all know that not immediately affirming kids' chosen genders is literally killing them /s

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I have a feeling "conversion therapy" bills will be repealed because the trans rights brigade WANTS to be able to "convert" gay children into the opposite sex. Transhumanism sees a huge payday in this as well.

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Arty Morty has a great video explaining why he opposes conversion therapy but also opposes most bills to ban it: