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Is there a word for laughing hysterically because it's so ridiculous and despairing while facepalming at the sheer absurdity of the situation?

Got assumed a transperson, because pronouns were in bio. Got assumed transperson because "only trans people use pronouns". Gets screamed at for "lying" about being trans despite stating "cis straight heterosexual". Gets fired for being said "cis straight heterosexual" because being normal isn't cool enough for the woque club. Isn't questioned during the FACE TO FACE INTERVIEW BECAUSE "TRANS PEOPLE CAN LOOK LIKE THAT".

What was that about everyone should use pronouns, even people who aren't trans, or they're transphobic? That you can't clock them, except this employer didn't clock them as "cis" at all, because they WERE expecting to be able to clock a trans person?? are they admitting they would only hire non-passing obviously male men in makeup and dresses?

Like what the actual fucking shithole trananas is going on here?? This company only hires people for being trans because they need to show how inclusive they are? And if not, fuck them?? What the actual shitting fuck AND PEOPLE ARE CALLING THIS TRANSPHOBIC, WHEN ALL OP DID WAS SUBMIT TO THE MOB.

I can't fucking EVEN with this shit, this is full ourouboros bullshit!! cue straitjacket laughter

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Further proof that everything is transphobic. If you obey you will still be found transphobic

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They were coming after celebs for not putting pronouns in their bio. Like Gina Carano got a lot of heat, because she wouldn't bow down to the bullies. lmao. Their ideology is so incoherent and changes by the day. x'D

Or no, the only consistent thing is that they enjoy calling as many people 'transphobes' as possible and always having an enemy they can expend their rage on. Whatever lets them rage in that moment, is transphobic.

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It all starts with those damn email pronouns...

(...that OP is supportive of! sigh And the boss claiming that “only trans people” do it while also seeing herself as an amazing ally is hilarious. People calling her a troll is also amusing.)

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In certain branches of tech, they may very well have assumed she's trans because these days the late-transitioning TIMs outnumber actual women. I have some evidence that this has happened to me.

If they're mad at her because she turns out to be an actual female rather than a TIM, that makes a strong case for sex discrimination.

[–] yesisaiditxx [OP] 32 points (+32|-0)

Yes it does. I was happy when I read that she’s looking into how to argue for sex discrimination and that she realizes the irony of how they shouldn’t have hired her on that basis in the first place so their wanting to fire her would expose them for that as well as be a sex discrimination case. I wish we could have updates.

[–] tchan 19 points (+19|-0)

Me too. Crossing my fingers it’s not a troll. A little attention on a case like that could stand to peak A LOT of people.

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They are trying to get rid of sex discrimination though. In a few months this would totally be legal.

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She also hinted at the fact that my supposed gender identity had resulted in a big swing in my favour over other candidates, and some of the hiring team now feel like I should be "let go" as I wasn't the best applicant on skill alone.

Now that is terrifying.

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They literally admitted hiring based on bias, fucking dumbasses

Gender matters fuck all for getting a job, what pretentious nincompoops

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Yeah that part got to me. I can only imagine how surreal, angering, and insulting that was to hear.

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I’ve been on hiring teams, and while we are involved in selection, unless we work with that person all the time, we don’t hear about post hire performance. And it’s been a couple of weeks. That’s not nearly enough time to tell, unless she is really screwing up.

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You know, the people saying the OP is a troll amuse me.

we should start seeding conversations like this. Once we get private circles, we should organize guerrilla terfing, LOLOL.

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I’ve messaged a couple of people that I’ve seen post stuff like this to tell them to look at this website and let me know if they want to be on it. Both of them already were though LOL

But yes I agree. With situations like this on the rise people are gonna be peaking like a lumberjack’s biceps. Join us.

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People already accuse us of astro-terfing, so I guess I don't see the point of this? If they're capable of trolling themselves, let them do it.

[–] yesisaiditxx [OP] 2 points (+2|-0) Edited

I honestly don’t know what Astro-terfing means lol

PS just to throw this out there— does anyone else feel grumpy about even using TERF? To me it is just like cis in that you define yourself by relation to trans people. I’m a feminist. If you want you could call me a radical feminist on many issues. trans exclusionary radical feminist, I suppose? But that’s not my entire vantage point by any means and I don’t appreciate a name that insinuates it is.

PS Seven I didn’t mean to say this about you specifically, just I see people call themselves that sometimes and I don’t like it.

[–] Seven-of-Wine 2 points (+2|-0)

Astro terf is a play on the phrase astro-turf which is to pretend something is a grass roots movement when in fact it is a top-down imposition, a fake. Exactly like the trans movement in my opinion.

I agree terf defines us in relation to trans but it fails to move me emotionally in the slightest. It describes how I feel and what I do regarding trans. I do exclude TIMs from womanhood as I don't believe in the concept of trans. Kind of a 'Yes, and?' response. I realise other people's emotional mileage varies on this though. Good to discuss.

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Can't have one of those BIRTHER people on our payroll! She might ask for maternity leave! We need tRaNs wOmEN to bring REAL diversity (that doesn't cost us anything)!

[–] Morningmist 12 points (+12|-0)

You know in the end, that’s what this is all about. Not only is she a woman but a heterosexual one at that so maternity leave is a big issue. I’m sure they wanted to hire a “woman” who wouldn’t take time off for periods or to have baby.

Serve them right if they got some TIM who did want time off for his nonexistent periods. What would they do, risk being outed as TRANSPHOBES by denying him?

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This is the first time I have connected those dots. Jesus. We're in an actual dystopia.

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They misgendered her as trans. Even hired her based on that misconception.

Misgendering is murdaaaa! Murdaaaaaa!

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It's insane to think that if she hadnt put her pronouns in her signature that she wouldn't have gotten the job in the first place. What has the world come to...

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In that environment, she could have told them she changed her mind, that she is trans, and furiously asked how dare they try to impose their own definition of trans on her....that is for her to decide....trans is feeling, don't you know...an innate sense of self separate from material reality.

After all, isn't that the latest iteration of trans / gender self-ID extremism? That not only is the word "woman" no longer connected with binary sex and material reality, the same holds true for the word "trans"? More and more I've seen males self-identify as non-binary AND trans...males who do very little to "pass" as female, males who do not even engage in performative femininity beyond perhaps wearing a kilt and a bit of eyeliner or long hair. This, of course, makes MtF trans people who have undergone surgery and taken estrogen long term (although most have probably not had their penises removed) go crazy...you know, those who live and die by the idea that sex IS binary.

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Why are these jackasses struggling so fucking much to figure out what a stereotypical TIM looks like. It's a man in makeup. Very fucking simple.

[–] shveya 10 points (+10|-0)

Lol "Literally the only real tell us an Adam's apple, which OP obviously wouldn't have." Sure hon, putting on a dress 100% distracts from the jaw/shoulders/brow ridge/hands/hips/rib cage/eye area/etc etc etc...

[–] diapason 3 points (+3|-0)

Lol "Literally the only real tell us an Adam's apple, which OP obviously wouldn't have."

Which is so funny cause some women actually do have Adam's apples (different from men's though, naturally)

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