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These people don't give a SHIT about actual health of non native English speakers. They don't give a fuck about immigrants. They're the most elitist bullshitters.

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Exactly. On another recent thread there was a discussion about fighting woke with woke--pointing out that using "woman" when talking about reproductive health is important for immigrant women. Planned Parenthood should be shamed for this, since they recently doubled down on double speak on Twitter. They might not care about immigrant women, but the optics look bad, and they do care about that.

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In a recent discussion, I brought up the issue of woke language in health care being a barrier to immigrants and people who speak English as a second language. And the woke cult dog-piled me with, "OMG! ARE YOU SAYING IMMIGRANTS ARE STUPID!?! HOW RACIST!!!"

It was exhausting. As the OP shows, even English speaking women can be confused if they received subpar sex ed. So they might not know that "people with prostates" doesn't apply to them or that "people with a cervix" does apply to them. That's why forcing this woke shit into the doctors office is so harmful. It just makes things more confusing for people who are already at a disadvantage when it comes to advocating for their medical care

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Yep. My parents are intelligent and accomplished as heck but also from highly conservative backgrounds and learned English in their 30s when they immigrated here. Between those two facts, no way can I picture either of them being comfortable saying or hearing the word "cervix" or "ovary" (for context a great aunt died of "cancer of her women's organs" and it went by no other name in our native language let alone in English). I don't agree with the highly puritanical reservations they have around language BUT they're far from the minority when it comes to immigrants to the west and still deserve to be able to receive adequate medical care. Anyway that's my rant :p

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And it's not just immigrant women. It's women with intellectual disabilities and women with lower levels of literacy. That's a LOT of women. I've worked in the disability and welfare sector most of my career and none of the women I have worked with would understand this "inclusive" language. Not to mention that even in first world countries, health literacy overall is quite poor. People who are writing this crap must be aware of that fact.

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Not to mention that even in first world countries, health literacy overall is quite poor. People who are writing this crap must be aware of that fact.

I don't think a lot of them are aware. Many TRAs (especially the younger libfems) are so privileged and ignorant that they can't fathom how people who didn't grow up like them think/live.

I learned this when I worked at a left wing non-profit years ago. The rich, white liberals I worked with laughed when I told them that people struggling with actual problems (like not being able to feed their kids) aren't going to give a shit about switching to florescent light bulbs or recycling. They also scoffed when I told them that shitting on Catholics wouldn't endear them to the poor, largely Mexican immigrants they claimed to want to help. They're so sheltered they believe that their worldview and experiences are the default for every person on the planet

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YES! As I mentioned in my post, many of my native English-speaking friends don't know what a cervix even is, much less that only women/girls have them. If they saw something like that on a questionnaire or other document, they wouldn't know it applied to them.

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Hope they talked to my mother who doesn't speak a bit of English :)

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I've been trying to find this web page that has a search function tjat tells you how commonly a word is used in the English language. It was something like "Woman" is number 32 most commonly used word. "Cervix" is 27,520. In anyone could find that web site please help us out because it's a strong argument for the exclusion of non native English speakers.

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According to this website, "man" is #95, "woman" is #126, "prostate" is #7,898, and "cervix" is #22,395.

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Wow, we're even marginalized in word frequency

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Not surprising, considering that male is the default when discussing humanity.

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There's a list here, it's not a pretty website but it does give a numerical value to each word based on frequency

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I'm shocked that TRA haven't brigaded yet. wOmEN cAN hAVe pROsTaTEs tOO!

And people who want to crosspost on badwomensanatomy... The irony. They are the first to believe that women have male bodies.

An entire circus 🤡🤡🤡

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Shhh… they don't like to be reminded of their prostates :D Only thing they'd less like to be reminded of is our uteri

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Omg I saw this and wanted to facepalm so badly... and she's married with a second on the way!! Something about how her ENTIRE family except her knowing though kinda throws me off, like she either just was really inattentive at sex ed or was blasted with so much gender kool aid that she couldn't tell the difference. Again though, it speaks of how many people both men and women who might not be all that informed, and shit like "cervix-havers" is gonna alienate more women from screening than if plain "woman" was used.

I personally didn't read it as the OP NOT being a native english speaker since it wasn't mentioned anywhere? But if she is a native english speaker and still didn't know that just adds to the cause that more word obsfustication isn't being iNcLuSiVe but just alienates more

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It actually kinda surprises me when people act like anyone with a 5th grade education should be acutely aware of what a “cervix” and “prostate” are, and whether or not they have one... To me both of those are on par with any other internal anatomy that is invisible and irrelevant outside of a medical context (like “pituitary gland” or something), and I could easily imagine even an educated person getting them mixed up with something else — especially if they recently saw it listed on some kind of unisex anatomy chart that was falling over itself to be “inclusive” at the expense of accuracy / clarity.

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the same people who act like 5th grade biology of boys have penises and girls have vaginas is not anywhere near the complexities of reality ... somehow anyone with a 5th grade education should know cervix and prostate yet also disregard all of biology and sex education ... sigh

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Okay so HOW should people know whether they have a cervix or a prostate? At what point are we told this? It's "you're a girl, you have a vagina and a clitoris and ovaries and a uterus and a cervix," "you're a boy, you have a penis and testicles and a scrotum and vas deferens and a prostate." If we aren't allowed to say the words "boy" and "girl" in 5th grade or otherwise, how is anyone ever supposed to learn? Anatomically correct model demonstrations??

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Okay so HOW should people know whether they have a cervix or a prostate? At what point are we told this?

Exactly!! If it's now a hate crime to attach male/man to prostate and female/woman to cervix, how are we supposed to educate people about what parts they have? Its not like you can see the cervix or prostate on your body! Those parts are internal and most people can't touch or see them without a doctor's help. So how can we expect a female to know that "person with cervix" applies to her if she has never been properly educated about sex and anatomy?

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How does one get to 23 years in this life, as a female, and not know that women do not have prostates?!

I’ve talked to 25 year old women that don’t know that they have a urethra. A lot of women are ignorant about their bodies.

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Because diagrams of our bodies are “unisex”: there’s simply not enough general information floating around about how women’s bodies differ. Unisex means male lol

[–] Luckystar 4 points (+4|-0)

I was wondering about that too! Like how could a diagram of a human possibly be "unisex"?? Was she just straight up looking at a depiction of a male body?

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Well, they tell you this stuff in school, and it's a lot to remember, and all you care about is whether or not anyone can tell if you are on your period. I didn't really know anything about prostates and could not have told you if I had one or not until they came up in a discussion of women and anal sex not that many years ago. I would have been in my 50s. I was in my mid-20s when I learned where the clitoris was. I hadn't seen any proper diagrams before that. Medical researchers only learned about the internal anatomy of the clitoris a lot more recently than that. Lots of medical professionals still don't know enough about fascia.

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I was this many years old when I learned about fascia....

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I thought exactly this about cervixes. I thought it might be like 2% of British women don’t know they have a cervix and imagine my shock when I found out that 45% of British women didn’t know they had a cervix.

Either the education about their bodies is incomplete, they speak ESL or they have learning difficulties.

I’ve commented several times on “woke” threads on Facebook about this fact and people have derided me (I’d say “Which people have cervixes?” And they’d mockingly answer, “The people with cervixes, duh!”)

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I notice no one in that Reddit thread chimed in to say, "Um, ACTUALLY, some women DO have prostates!! Saying only men have them is TRANSPHOBIC!!!"

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Well that was depressing. The ignorance of our own bodies is incredible.

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For what it's worth, women do have Skene's glands, which are supposed to function similarly to men's prostates. It is sometimes referred to as a female prostate in some international medical documentation, though I'm not sure how much it's used in common conversation.


More concerning is that she's going to a chiropractor, especially while pregnant. Chiropractic is not evidence-based medicine and their practitioners are quacks.

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Yeah, the fact that she doesn't understand her own anatomy isn't surprising seeing that she sees a chiropractor.

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Plus, most of the women I know (most of them being young, around my age) have NO idea what a cervix is. And some of my friends are non-native English speakers; they're conversational, but no fucking WAY would they know what to fill in on a questionnaire that referred to 'cervix-havers' or 'person with a vulva'.