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The woman on the left looks normal and professional. The man on the right (assumed it was a man because of the facial hair and Adam's apple) looks ridiculous and unserious. I'm genuinely confused about what the people in that thread are seeing that I'm not?

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Bari Weiss is a Jewish journalist who leans conservative and recently quit her job at the New York Times because of woque ideology. Not that it matters in the least, but that is not the most flattering picture of her, and that’s why it was chosen. There are so many levels to why this male person is choosing to “call her out,” but I highly doubt any of them are valid or sincere.

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That's an unflattering picture? Then she must be pretty damn cute. I'd heard of Weiss, but I didn't picture somebody so young and fresh-faced. Love the glasses.

She’s super cute and it’s not a bad pic in any way. I just know that (by AGP standards) they consider this “unflattering” because she looks slightly heavier in the face than in most other pics of her that I’ve seen. It’s utterly ridiculous!

She is pretty cute, and it’s ridiculous that the Lavery dude would even think there’s a comparison!

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Do you think the photo editor is woke? Lavery looks back-away-slowly levels of insane in that photo - but knowing AGPs it’s probably the professional headshot he uses on his website.

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If that's an unflattering picture of Wiess, how would you describe the picture of Lavery? Because... ... ...

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The people in the thread are hilarious, since Lavery is, of course, not most people's idea of an attractive person, and yet they feel compelled to provide flattery on demand.

But that's not what's important here. What's important here is that a God damn Berkeley professor just posted a tweet criticizing a female intellectual opponent for her looks, and calling on the flying monkeys of Twitter to call her ugly.

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Instantly clickable as man on the right.

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"bUT thEY hAvE CHeEkBonES!!!"

[–] diapason 1 points (+2|-1)

I thought men had stronger cheekbones? Not in terms of how much they protrude outwards, but in terms of how often they create a hollow

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wowww.. it took me a while to understand this was posted to dunk on the woman on the left.. I clicked and thought it was obvious that the TIM on the right was the ridiculous one

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A pleasant looking woman vs. a man doing his damnedest to look like Olive Oyl.

[–] tacocat 3 points (+3|-0)

Doing his damnedest to look hot and landing squarely on Olive Oyl. It's like watching gifs of cats trying to jump across a gap and belly flopping on the floor.

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lol if you put Weiss in femme drag and had her pose in an exaggerated feminine way, she would blow Lavery out of the water. If you put Lavery in glasses with normal hair and a normal shirt and just took a casual picture of him talking, he'd look like shit. Regardless, Weiss looks like a woman, and Lavery looks like a man. Weiss looks like a woman WITHOUT TRYING, in an unflattering photo, and Lavery still looks like a man with obvious professional styling and photography, posing like THAT.

BUT MORE TO THE POINT, lol, way to lose the upper hand here. Hahahaha, woman looks ugly, look at her, haaaa! I'm such hot shit, I win by virtue of hotness! Even if you WERE hot shit, Lavery, you actually lose, by virtue of making use of the same fucked up argument my friend's 13-year-old daughter made regarding a girl who didn't invite her to her bat mitzvah. Grow up.

[–] DBrooke [OP] 3 points (+3|-0) Edited

As you say, even if Lavery were actually attractive (or if Weiss weren't), it would still be disgusting, because mocking appearances is a gendered tactic for silencing women. He's demonstrating a very keen understanding of his male privilege.

[–] AmyHousewine 3 points (+4|-1)

To be fair, if you put Lavery in glasses with normal hair and shirt he might look like a normal man. A lot of them do seem conventionally attractive men, when they're not beclowning themselves trying to trick people into sharing their delusion.

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The person on the left is making zero attempt to perform femininity and is still obviously female. The person on the right has put tremendous effort into mandated "feminine" makeup, hair styling, wardrobe, and Tyra Banks "smizing" and yet is readily identifiable as male.

I know who's the deluded idiot, between the two.

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That picture of him is from a photoshoot done two years ago. Judging by the constant stream of photos he posts of himself he doesn't look anything like that normally.

[–] hellamomzilla 5 points (+5|-0)

It's the photo he uses on his departmental page for Berkeley. THAT IS THE PHOTO A PROFESSOR USES AS A REPRESENTATION OF HIMSELF FOR HIS JOB.

He is utterly ridiculous. Also, he encouraged people to burn the Abigail Shrier book and when he got pushback, he talked about having sex the night before. He's just a pretty terrible excuse for a person, frankly.

Lavery is one of my least favorite TIMs.

Lavery is basically what would happen if Hugo Schwyzer had slightly more self control and cunning. He’s one of the ones I don’t think even really buys into queer theory gender stuff. He’s a pure bullshitter. The truth or falsity of what comes out of his mouth is irrelevant. It’s all just noises to get what he wants, which is power. Power to indulge his fetishes publicly, power to make people say things they know to be false like calling him a woman, power to do and say whatever he wants and be praised. I worry about his students, and worry a lot more about his wife.

[–] drdee 2 points (+2|-0) Edited

For those of you who don't know, unfortunately, his wife is a formerly brilliant and clever feminist writer who's now a TIF.


He must be a VERY good manipulator and predator. Decades ago a friend with a promising academic and performance career got sucked into a relationship with someone like this who completely changed her personality and killed her success by, as far as I could tell, basically negging her into submission.

[–] catplayoffs 2 points (+2|-0) Edited

Ah, I actually know both these people. And I first met them before transitioning. Weird!

And she was very cool and funny.

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Looking at their wedding photos (posted in an AutoStraddle article), I see a feminine man and a masculine woman, who seem happy. I hope they are happy, but he is not a woman and she not a man.

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Yes, that's what I see going on here too. Lavery basically killed my hero.

[–] drdee 2 points (+2|-0)

It's horribly sad, that we've lost such a creative, original and hilarious voice. And it's also an object lesson to all of us, I think, that someone who appeared so strong and sure about what she wanted to communicate to the world could still be taken by a predator. It really could happen to any of us. (I spent more than a decade on and off involved with a predator and it is literally only sheer luck that I didn't get captured.)

[–] DBrooke [OP] 1 points (+1|-0) Edited

I agree with you: I don't think this person is a true believer, but a predator.

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That describes most TIMs. They want social legitimacy to flaunt their offensive bullshit in public, forcing mass participation in their fetish, while hiding behind “human rights”.

[–] DBrooke [OP] 0 points (+0|-0) Edited

I disagree. I genuinely believe some trans people when they say transitioning feels like authenticity and rightness to them. I just don't believe in the theory of gender they are using to explain those feelings, and I am angry at the hypocrisy of weaponizing male privilege to make people say you're a woman.

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