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History: This term was coined by Victinibeing22 on November 18th, 2020.

Flag: The pronounsexual flag was created by wiki user RoseWatera on the 19th of November 2020

I quit. I have no time for sexual orientations created (counts) three days ago.

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Maybe this dweeb just needs to fuck a dictionary?

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They may as well fuck the dictionary because they sure as hell don’t know how to use it properly.

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Finally, sexuality has transcended both bodies and social roles, and we can now make love to floating signifiers.

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I am normalpersonsexual. My flag is white.

The dishes of the house of the family of the friend whose mom just never seemed to like me that much when I was growing up were white. That’s trauma, and I’m triggered. Prepare for cancellation.

It just seems like the natural conclusion when you base your sexuality on "gender" and not sex.

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Not necessarily. I've been informed (by twitter) that pronouns do not go directly with gender or sex. So one can be a male (sex) who is a woman (gender) and uses the pronouns they/them. You can be a nonbinary male/female and use he/him pronouns. How I found this out was someone was complaining about how people see he/him pronouns in a nonbinary person's profile and automatically assume this [male] person benefits from male privilege... which is just such a wrong assumption to make.

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The inventor of this term has this on her 'About' section;

Names- Vick, Ray

Gender- Cis female

Sexuality- Asexual, Heromantic, muscuromantic, heterocedural

Pronouns- oh boy...

Primarily she/her, he/him, it/its and they/them. I also use it/that, we/us, she/shim, shey/shem, the/thim, the/ther, hey/hem, he/her, dey/dem, thon/thons, one/ones, Ey/em, and more probably.

Other- deathkin, monogamous, Varioriented,

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Now her about page just says, "I am...Confused."

Yes, dear, you certainly are.

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Sexuality- Asexual, Heromantic, muscuromantic, heterocedural

what are words anymore??

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As ridiculous as they all are, we/us? No easier way to show you're a raving maniac then. Like, at least people understand they/them as being neutral, and most of the others just have no meaning lmao, but surely that one only serves to catch people out and confuse them? Also, at the very least they is a third person pronoun, albeit plural, so it's still pretty much the same usage. We is a first person pronoun, so, how in the hell is it they want it to work?

"Oh did you see us today?" "No, how are we?" How clear.

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She.... shim? I mean there's a lot to digest here and I'm going to have to Google and regret googling heterocedural but something about she/shim and the/thim in particular...

Edit: yep, I searched heterocedural and I just...


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There really needs to be an emoji for lying-down-cry-laughing-with-a-little-uncontrollable-urine-incontinence.

But I thought anything other than pansexual was transphobic.

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No, according to the latest memo from TransBS-HQ™️, I think pansexual has now been downgraded to transphobiasexual and the OneTrueOrientation is now IWillTellYouWhoToFuckSexual.

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The blue represents attraction those who use he/him pronouns. The purple represents attraction those who use xe pronouns. The magenta represents feeling romantic attraction to those who use she/her pronouns. The orange represents attraction those who use ze pronouns. The yellow represents attraction those who use they/them pronouns. And finally, the white is for being attracted to any other pronouns.

Why are all the other pronouns just “attraction”, but she/her is romantic attraction?

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