This is brilliant. Of course all the best comments will inevitably be banned.

My favourite:

It became political when trans rights activists tried to force everyone to pretend that you could literally change your sex and there's no difference between cis women and trans women. It became political when a male decided halfway through ther rape trial to transition, was placed in a female prison where she raped female prisoners. It became political when transwomen started smashing women's sport records but no transman came close to every competing with males. It became political when lesbians were bullied and harrassed for not dating you, despite letting you be in our spaces.

It became political because anyone who dared to even have this conversation was accused of wanting trans people to "not exist" or "wanting them dead".

Despite supporting your right to not be harrased or descriminated against on the bases that you're trans, supporting you when you just needed to pee, it wasn't enough. It became political because activists want more than what everyone else has. It's political because now activist are trying to force everyone else to pretend you're not trans and you were really cis this entire time.

If you all really just wanted to live in peace r/actuallesbians would have lesbians in it, the LGBAlliance wouldn't exist and the Vancouver Rape Relief wouldn't have dead rats nailed to their door.

Surprisingly, nothing is being banned in trueoffmychest. It's been super TERFY in there lately, with more and more comments being unwilling to back down from what they think.

From another thread in there:

This is the problem with social media platforms. They get popular, people are unhappy with the way things are going, they start making a fuss, the admins have to make a decision (and they will always choose the mainstream accepted option). This is how we get a Reddit that stands for freedom of speech turning into a Reddit that bans people for criticizing things that transgender people say that are clearly insane. Not criticizing trans people, just the things some of them are saying.

That sub will be first on the chopping block in the next purge, I’ll bet. Loads of sensible hate-free comments getting upvoted and awarded, while the “arguments” (telling t*rfs to shut up) get downvoted to oblivion. The trans mods will hate that...

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The sub was made as an offshoot of /r/off my chest because that sub has bots that bans automatically if you post on anti-sjw subs, so it's not surprising it went this way.

Wow! I'll have to join. This is great news! Lots of people are on that sub!

(It'll probably get nuked by Reddit admins, but even that should peak some people.)

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Lol he called the person who wrote that a tref, and edited his post to whine about how evil and hateful people were for not pretending he’s a real woman.

and comment removed by the moderator....... i guess there wasn't enough preemptive ass-kissing of trans people to allow it to stand.

truth hurts sometimes. it really does. it still needs to be spoken and seen.

this is frustrating.

Is it me being too hopeful, or are people getting bolder about being critical of the gender ideology?

Ironically, I think banning the feminists is just highlighting how mainstream it is. It isn't just us crazy feminists... it's the mainstream opinion.

I think so. I have been upvoted for gender critical opinions before. For example, a teenage girl posted in r/relationships that she was worried about her mother becoming a "TERF". I explained what who "TERFs" are and what we think, and why she should try to understand her mother's perspective before assuming her to be hateful, and actually got a lot of upvotes!

I literally assumed it was all us ovaries going there and terfing it up

It does seem people are getting bolder. Through sheer collective exhaustion, maybe.

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There are a lot of based people in that post.

I assume they'll be safe because the sub is populated by men.

I assume they'll be safe because the sub is populated by men.

Sad. But accurate. Men are allowed to be as TERFy as they want on Reddit

"I mean... I just want to be treated like literally any other cis person. Is that too much to ask?"

Nah, mate. Let's be precise. You don't want to be treated like literally ANY other cis person (we'd be happy to treat you as a "cis" man). You want to be treated like literally any woman.

He doesn’t even really want that. TIMs would be very unhappy if actually treated like women. He wants to be pandered to like an extra special man that no one is allowed to say no to.

He wants the lesser pay?

He wants the fear of walking the dog or taking the trash out or picking up something from the Kwik-E-Mart - just walking down the street - alone? During the day, but just don’t fucking do it after dark? Even if it’s literally across the street?

He wants the assumption that he’s an idiot that never really knows what he’s doing? He wants to be talked to like his idiocy is incurable, but that it’s also his fault, so it’s fitting for men to talk to him as though they’re exasperated with his incompetence from the moment they meet him?

He wants the constant demands on his time and energy and emotions, work, work, work, and then work more for others, the incessant expectation that he will give, give, give, give, give, that he will take care of others, perform mental labor without asking and without pay and without thanks, get up earlier than everyone else and go to bed last, and with nothing in return - and if he doesn’t, he’s a lazy, entitled b-tch?

He wants to be the target of beggars and panhandlers and leeches and aggressive homeless men, who will follow and at times corner him, expecting him to be a “bleeding heart”, or at the very least, to be too intimidated to not give them something?

He wants the need to be aware of his surroundings at all times? To carry something to defend yourself with, whether you’re walking to the bathroom at a movie theater or dropping something off at the cleaners or headed to the vending machines at the hotel? To avoid being alone at all costs?

He wants the knowledge that the best you’ll likely get at any company or institution you perform well at and dedicate yourself to, even if you prove yourself the better of your coworkers and more than capable of any opening positions, is barely breaking middle management and a little plastic paperweight thanking you for your service, while watching men who are less intelligent and worse candidates plow their way to the upper echelons of the company?

He wants threats of rape, jokes about rape, offers of sex in exchange for goods, threats of rape and/or exposure for refusal of sex, all in a day online, while mods, admins, etc. are either too overwhelmed, too dismissive, or too misogynistic themselves to cate?

Do they ever think about any of that? Or is it just skirts and feelings?

No woman touches me without consent, mansplains to me and expects me to smile and applaud, and wants me to remember 20 things (folx, mx, pronouns, deadname, new name, last week's pronouns...) about her instead of her name and face.

He wants to be treated like a special kind of man whose every whim is to be accommodated.

They always look for answers to their “unanswerable” questions, and then when they’re given answers... “oh but you’re a ~terf~ so everything you say doesn’t matter to me.” Give me attention and the right to air my opinions, but state a single fact I disagree with??? How dare the real world not be as ~validating~ as my hugbox.

I don't understand this at all. We are literally harmless.

This never happens!!!!! 🙄🙄🙄

Ugh, what a twatwaffle.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Ska/comments/j99h3o/my_life_in_a_nutshell/ At least his memes are truthy.

I used to be skeptical of the kinds of "transwomen" people on this sub talked about, because it felt too much like a caricature, but wow....this person fulfills EXACTLY EVERYTHING about it. Look through his profile. He's even got a post saying he's the punk gf he's always wanted. Gross.

And he's bragging about passing and his hairline is in another zipcode.Honestly? I feel like he's just an incel AGPer who got caught up in the porn habit. He even sounds like someone who could be my friend, we could listen to music and work on our gardens and etc., but he ... probably hasn't got great in person social skills and never asked a girl out and here we are.

That's my guess about a lot of these incels, fwiw. Just got too caught up on the internet, lost in-person social skills after college, couldn't work up the nerve to ask a girl out, cycle repeats until they think they're women.

And the cat ears!! The only people I know besides TIMs who were cat ears are girls between the ages of 3 and 13.

I took a look through his post history, and although I am not going to mock his appearance, his claims that he's stealth and nobody knows he's male is an absolute lie. AGP, not even once.

Lol, I usually just lurk for the most part but this comment got me 😂. The hugboxes really make them all believe they're an exact replica of the poor woman they're skinwalking

Why are trans people even a political topic? Who did this and why?

I love cinematic parallels.

Why? Because you started suing people who wanted access to private spaces that they were kicked out of for reasons unrelated to their gender identity, and you have been for over 20 years.

Look up Susan Memela, or Kimberly Nixon, or J. Yaniv, or the history of Michfest, all of whom sued, attacked, or otherwise destroyed womens spaces that allowed them in and served them but either kicked them out for abusive behavior, or wouldn't say "Trans women are female."

"You" meaning trans people. But regardless, tell me how this doesn't answer your question, that the reason your "existence" is politicized, is because people like you politicized it and brought the government and other groups into it to force yourself into private spaces and do not respect right of affiliation or charities serving specific groups.

Out of curiosity, do you not see the problem with that? Do you not agree with "right of affiliation," and "right to organize" ?

Susan Memela's story here -


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