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Hate speech still ok against women, I assume?

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Great. Just want to make sure it's still okay for men to brutally degrade me anytime I try to just walk down the sidewalk. I wouldn't want to have to hire an attorney...

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Yes, whore. (Lol jk) I almost want to reclaim the word whore, similar to the n word. Sad but true. I want to nullify its meaning. The hypocrisy of major news outlets, twitter, reddit, etc. is hilarious. I am off both platforms due to being attacked for my biological femaleness. Pretty soon our smart keyboards will not allow us to type transwomen are men and men are violent. It will correct us to say something like women are violent

Lol the n word hasn't been reclaimed, it's still retains all it's original meaning and hasn't been devalued/nullified at all.

Honestly, I wonder if rap music never became popular, would we still be having this debate in our current time?

I choked on my tea lolling. So slutty of me, I know ;)

I was okay with this until the tail end of this line

The bar for prosecution is high, requiring direct incitement against people or language that dehumanises them

Hopefully this is just a legal phrasing they have to use, but knowing TRA tactics, this will be used as a wedge to criminalise gender critical views, could include 'misgendering' and basically anything but unbridled affirmation, because TRAs see everything but "yaaas brave and stunning queen" as dehumanising speech.

So that woman who was charged for asking manly looking man what he is doing in female toilet - now will be jailed up to 3 years?

I had a tim today come within 3 inches of my face in a store. Is it against the law to say yo dude chill yo back the fuck up. In retrospect I think he was trying to see how alert I was to see if he could steal my bag

Norway as a whole used to make fun of Sweden for being this asinine.

I'll reiterate my statement from previous posts about other countries doing this: this is so fucking scary. Seriously, I find it absolutely insane that you can get arrested for something you say. And what exactly constitutes "hate speech" anyway? Not everyone will interpret that the same way, and miniscule things will probably be considered hate speech, let's be real. Like if someone accidentally misgenders a transgender person (especially if the person just came out) that'd probably be considered hate speech by the trans person, even though it was an accident. Or maybe someone claims to be transgender but they look like a gender conforming person so you refer to them by their biological sex, and then that person gets offended and claims that was hate speech.The US is fucked up in many regards but one of the things I do actually love about this country is that we have freedom of speech protected in our constitution, so this shit would never happen.

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They’re doing a good job of not making anyone want to interact with them, ever. Who needs that kind of bullshit along with all the other bullshit we already have? Fucking toxic. Good luck getting hired.

Hopefully the first amendment stays, but I’m not hopeful. I see a slow chipping away of it, and you only have free speech when talking to someone face to face.

Some governments are really taking 1984 as an instruction manual.

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What exactly makes you think the first amendment goes away? I personally feel like it'll stay, but then again our right to privacy is stated in the constitution yet the NSA stays spying on Americans, and corporations like Google, Facebook, etc. sell our data, so idk. But I do feel like if the 1st amendment were to be challenged in some way, say by a state or city government, there'd be at least some people who'd oppose it and possibly take it to court. And if it were to go all the way up to the Supreme Court I feel like they'd rule in defense of freedom of speech, since most it's a conservative majority Supreme Court and conservatives tend to be more defensive of freedom of speech than liberals.

By a slow chipping away of it. Maybe it won’t happen in our lifetime.

Hate speech isn't about real hate, it's about pointing out certain groups of humans as having a special status where you can't say anything they won't like because in the past those groups of humans have had it harder. They call it progress while it's based on what happened in the past and making sure noone ever forgets the past. Not to mention being against discrimination by legally discriminating against certain people. It's inherently nonsensical. It's just like how people have gone from colorblindness to now saying you have to acknowledge your skin color every time you interact with someone who has a different one. Mocking the concept of "reverse racism" while implementing it into the law. It's indeed scary. It shows just how little sense any ideology needs to make to be powerful, indeed appealing to emotion over sense is what wins. These people are dividing up the less powerful and wealthy while claiming to be working towards more a more unified society and getting away with it too. This doesn't bode well for just how authoritarian and tyrannical future societies are going to be.