Just got a promotion? Adopted a furry friend? Or maybe a hairless one [talkin bout babies]? Got engaged to the woman or man or your dreams? Bought a house? Got a new high score in your favorite game? Whatever it is that is making your life better or making you happy or just putting a smile on your face share it here! This will be a new ongoing thread to cheer each other on and celebrate each other's victories.

Just got a promotion? Adopted a furry friend? Or maybe a hairless one [talkin bout babies]? Got engaged to the woman or man or your dreams? Bought a house? Got a new high score in your favorite game? Whatever it is that is making your life better or making you happy or just putting a smile on your face share it here! This will be a new ongoing thread to cheer each other on and celebrate each other's victories.


I've eaten one packet of crisps but there's still another packet in the cupboard. Every so often, I remember that it's there, and smile.

I have some reese's trees waiting for me for my next cheat day so I know how you feel!

I love the way crisps just last in the cupboard. I’ve had a half-eaten pack for months and they’re still, well, crisp!

It is so satisfying to know there's junk food in the kitchen.

there's a chocolate in my fridge that I keep forgetting to eat. whenever I remember it's there, it's comforting. haha

After lobbying for a raise for all staff members in my position, complete with a presentation with graphs, everyone is getting a raise!

You're a hero! Especially in a year like this.

I adopted a new kitty a couple of weeks ago after my senior girl died most unexpectedly. She’s fitting in well, is a sweetie, and even stands up to my other little troublemaker (also a kitty).

I may also have other good news but I don’t know yet ... send success vibes, plz! :)

Aw that's so exciting! I was trying to convince my husband to get another kitten but he's so overprotective of our other 2 cats that he doesn't want anything to disturb their dynamic. I say he spoils them so I'm going to try again next summer 🙃

Good luck! I’d have more than two if I had room and $$. Time was I had five.

So sorry about your senior cat. :( But it's amazing that the new kitty is getting along so well with the other! That can be very difficult. Sending good vibes for success!

Thank you!

Yes, she adapted incredibly quickly. Only hid under the bed for a couple of days, had already explored the house (not difficult, it’s only one main room) on the first afternoon, the other one got the hissing and growling out of the way in a day, and in a week they’d shown signs of being interested in playing. Which is good, because troublemaker was always pestering my senior girl, who was very rarely interested!

I tried introducing a my cat to my parents' cat once, and it went terribly! Hissing, batting at each other under doors, charging glass doors, etc. I was just glad no one was hurt and never tried again, lol.

Congratulations on your new family member, and glad she's settling in well. Sending cuddles to both kitties. I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your other girl though, it's horrible when it's unexpected.

My person was finally able to come visit from Canada over thanksgiving. We’ve been together for 4 years and, because of covid, we hadn’t seen each other in the flesh in a year! We got to hang out for two weeks and we officially got engaged! I picked up my ring a week ago and I can’t stop smiling :)

Now we just need him to find a way back here so we can elope and I can start the paperwork to move!

My new job is amazing. My coworkers are congenial and I’m getting training in a fascinating new branch of my field. I was really demoralized after years of a bad fit in my old job ended with me getting picked first for Covid-related layoffs. Now I’m happier than ever with my work.

Love it, there are few things in life more satisfying than having work you like. Congrats :)

We just got a new car, that’s probably the highlight of this year.

On a smaller scale, my extremely picky toddler added pomegranates to his small list of foods he likes. It always feels like a small victory when I can get him to accept more varieties.

I finally took first in the diamond league in duolingo! Also saw the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn today. Very cool!

Idk what that means but congrats! Sounds like something you've been working hard to achieve :)

Haha, thank you very much! Duolingo is a language learning app/game, and trying to get more points than 49 other people in a week was intense!

What language are you learning?

Japanese. I'm not doing very well at it, but I figure I know more than I would if I didn't study it at all.

I'd help but well I only know some and it's sign language since my fiancé is from Japan

I'm so jealous, when I went out to look for the great conjunction early in the evening i couldn't find it, so I looked on my skymap app and saw it was hidden behind a hill and trees. I gave up and said I'd come see it later in the night after the planets rose in the sky, only to go back out no later than 930 pm, use the same app, and saw that the planets went even more BELOW the horizon instead of above! I was heartbroken </3

Oh no! But the good news is you can still see them for the next few nights, they just won't be quite as close as they were last night. And now you know the timing you need to look for them. :)

I woke this morning to an email telling me that my application to homeschool my youngest, along with the learning plan that goes with the application, was approved and she is now officially legally a homeschool kid for next year. My older kids are already registered, but I didn't have to include a learning plan in their registration applications as the laws were different back then, so I was a little nervous on this one. Super happy now though :)

Did you have to make a full year plan for every subject???

But congrats, though :D must be nice having an answer and being able to start ☺️

No, just a basic plan that lists some of the topics we will do for each key learning area (there are 8 key learning areas), some of the resources we plan to use, where we plan to cover these topics, and a general idea of when. After registration we are not even required to follow that plan at all - it's mostly just to show that we know what we are meant to do and we know how to plan to do it. The homeschooling department in my state currently understands that not all children learn the same way and homeschooling needs to be super flexible and adaptable. So while I was nervous, it wasn't a difficult thing to do at all.

And thanks :) she's been loving it so far and moving along pretty quickly. She has been so exposed to her older siblings learning stuff, so a lot of what we're doing she has already learned before and seems to be finding it easy to comprehend now.

This will seem really stupid... I LOVE LOVE LOVE professional wrestling. My faction that I live for is Los Ingobernables; doesn't matter if they are from AAA, NJPW, or CMLL (Hell, I even count Andrade, now in WWE, so no longer in the faction). I Just got a new Los Ingobernables de Japon t-shirt for my birthday! It's a Hiromu Takahashi t-shirt if anyone cares. (I love wrestling so much I have two cats named Osprey and Hiromu). It's silly, but makes me happy.

Tranquilo, my sisters!

Ha that's awesome. I don't know much about it but I have a few friends who are super into wrestling. One of them travels all over the country to go to events and I think he's even been to japan to see japan new wrestling, I think it's called? Whenever we go over to his house he's always showing us the latest clips.

I was never much into wrestling but Dalton Castle/the peacock cracked me up.

I paid off my car a few months ago. Now I'm waiting to move into a better place because my current residence is a hellscape lol.

Congrats! I recently paid off a car and a credit card and now I'm working on the other car. My student loan can go to hell I'm never paying that off 🤣

If you have federal student loans, it's more fiscally sound to get on an income based repayment and treat it like an education tax until it's forgiven (timeline for forgiveness depends on the age of loan and if you're a public service worker or not).

I think most people don't actually realize that is a possibility. If they are private loans it's totally different.

My new(ish) house has great views, which by definition means anything in the window (like a Christmas tree) should be able to be seen for miles. So I wanted to put up a tree with lots of lights and a great big lit up star on top. By the time I thought of this, though, it had become a challenge to find a battery powered star in time for the holidays--the one I picked on Amazon a couple of weeks ago had the earliest delivery date 24 December! Disappointing! But I finally found one on ebay, it arrived last week, and now I have a huge bright star on top of my tree--I confirmed that you could see it from the bottom of the hill I live on, though have not as yet confirmed that you can see it across the valley.

That must look fantastic!

So relieved that I solved my first world problem...:) I am really pleased with it. And I hope I'm self aware enough to know displacement behaviour when I see it.

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