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I’m so happy for them! I’ve had an abortion myself, my life would be ruined if I didn’t have that opportunity.

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I've also had an abortion and I'm so happy the women in South Korea can do it legally now! As far as I know, they could still get abortions before but they had to find a doctor and pay them under the table.

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This is great! I'm happy for the women in South Korea and Argentina. Women deserve to have agency over their own bodies.

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Great news to hear that the women finally have body anatomy 💗💗💗

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As if we needed another reason to celebrate the end of 2020! I hope they keep the momentum going. Especially in a society where "feminism" is a dirty word (until it gets coopted and commercialized like in other countries), this is amazing news!

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As a South Korean I'm so so happy and proud❤

And seeing all the furious reaction of men is also fun hahahaha

So many teenagers and women had unwanted baby and got their lives ruined, I hope women won't have to worry about going to jail when they simply don't want to be pregnant anymore. Financial aids should be provided to teenagers and rape victims especially, but that's another issue we need to fight for. Thank you for sharing 💛

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