Argh it's infuriating.

No, TIMs aren't being "banned" from playing - they just can't play against women.

And no, Ireland-specific research does not need to be done - Irish people are not fundamentally biologically different from other human beings in terms of sexual dimorphism.

And no, the trans community should not be central to making these decision because they've proven time and time again that they will either ignore or flat out lie about the actual data on differences in male vs female athletic performance and the impact of taking cross-sex hormones on male performance.

At least this article specifically says banned from female contact rugby. What I don’t like is the part that says the IRFU is talking to them about other options including non contact, when they’ve already established that men have an unfair advantage that doesn’t go away just by declaring they have lady brains. What they should do is say that they can compete against men if they want to play.

And yeah the bit about how they shouldn’t follow Englands lead is nonsense, because this first came from World Rugby not the RFU.