This IS great news!

However, it's strange that the article reports that this decision "directly impacts" only two registered rugby players...obviously the two female-identifying males now banned from playing on the women's teams: this decision also directly impacts the female players who 1) are now at ZERO risk of greater injury from male-on-female collisions in their sport; and, 2) are at much less risk of self-exclusion from playing due to concerns of safety or discomfort from having to share locker rooms and showers with male teammates.

Also strange that the journalist only thought to reach out to pro-trans / LBGTQ+ groups for reaction to the decision...which, predictably, was ZERO appreciation for the fact that women, adult human females playing in women's rugby teams in Ireland, will now be much safer...and, gnashing of teeth, of course, over the "lack of inclusion" that male athletes who subjectively...delusionally feel that they're women...inside...would experience.

Is there a "Fair Play for Women" Chapter in Ireland? And, if so, what was its response to this magnificent decision grounded in material reality and concern for...women...the demographic for whom the WOMEN'S rugby league was established in the first place?

Yes, this affects women in rugby positively and only “negatively” affects 2 men. It will be a while before a mainstream news media outlet frames it like that though.

I don’t think there is an Irish Fair Play For Women, but technically this affects women in Northern Ireland too since Ulster is part of the IRFU. And internationally they play for Ireland.

It's telling that the only people who are considered impacted are the men negatively impacted, but not the women positively impacted. It's almost like the only people whose feelings matter are the penised ones.