I’m so happy for Australian women ( and a little bit jealous ) that they can have a place just for women to heal but saddened that as soon as they turned their phones on they had an influx of calls from women seeking refuge and help. I’m hoping these clinics can open across the globe.

I hope to god it is women only and not TIMs, because they will try and I don’t trust our laws to keep them out.

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If it is in Tasmania then it includes TiMs.

Edit: NM, in NSW then legally TiMs can be excluded (unless they have had the snip).

Not enough, but at least that’s most of them.

Agreed. And just because they can legally be excluded doesn't mean they'll obey the law (as we saw recently with the protests over the McIver's Ladies Baths).

Queue abusers putting on a wig and getting into shelters with their ex-wives in 5, 4, 3 ...

Such fantastic news, hope it is an inspiration for more to be established all around the country