You know, they always say this misogynistic shite:

  1. The World Boxing Council (WBC) firmly and unequivocally supports transgender rights and recognizes the gender identity of an individual athlete. This commitment is grounded in the WBC values of inclusion.

  2. The WBC shall continue to champion to protect transgender individuals against discrimination at their workplace, in employment, education and access to healthcare.

But never any apologies to women for allowing men in the first place, endangering our lives, as they even say "these sports carry an exceedingly high risk for both acute and chronic neurological injuries. Boxers have died during a bout or in the immediate aftermath due to traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) such as an acute subdural hematoma (SDH), epidural hematoma (EDH), subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH), intracranial hematoma and injury to the great vessels of the neck such as carotid or vertebral artery dissection."

No apologies to women for this blatant disregard of our rights and lives, no commitment or pledging to support women's rights to equal opportunity and fairness and safety to championing to protect women against discrimination, when you have been discriminating against us this entire time. It's just fucking reeks of disgusting entitlement and hostility towards women.

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My biggest problem is the "transgender rights" part of their statement. TIMs think their rights are to invade women's spaces, women's bodies, children among other things. And they say this as if its their human right. I'm tired of those two words being linked together for the reason they are questionable, debated and outright wrong.

If organizations need to make a statement they need to be responsible and just say they support transgender people without saying "rights." Thats unless they also say they respect women's sex based rights and safety.

I hope we get to the point they include TIM, TIF as part of their language. And yes, trans will have to accept they are biologically X in conversations like this. I hope it happens soon.

I am still happy with this news overall.

yes they never explain what they think transgender rights are and how they differ from everyone elses

I don't think boxing has ever allowed TIMs to compete in women's events.

Not sure what the difference between MMA and boxing is, but there's Fallon Fox.


Completely different sport, different governing bodies, and different rules. MMA is far more brutal than boxing, pretty much any fighting technique is allowed (which makes even less sense for allowing TIMs to fight women). You would never see kicks, grappling, taking someone down to the mat, etc. in boxing.
World Boxing has no say in MMA rules.

The insanity of celebrating that men are finally banned from women's boxing competitions.


How we ever got into this situation in the first place really destroys any faith in humanity I might've had. It's totally absurd. We are so doomed.

Still waiting for some org or another to say “We support discrimination against TiPs because gender identity is not real, and no one should be forced to pretend that it is and make involuntary accommodations for it. Transition at your own risk, without expectations, knowing that we will not revise every aspect of human society to accommodate you.”

I will cheer if any mainstream organization ever has the guts to say this

Seriously though. They’re still pandering to TRAs with that statement. So sad that news like this is considered groundbreaking.

Imagine using this many words with the tone of a tail cowardly tucked between your legs just to say that you don’t want to allow men to punch the daylight out of women for sport…

It really is a visual, huh? Can't wait to tell my husband about this one.

He was so horrified about Fallon Fox and that other guy doing women's MMA. That peaked him harder than anything, I think. TIMs in women's sports is the overreach that will finally put a stop to the insanity. It makes the issue visible to normie men, finally. They don't understand why women need privacy, but by God they understand what it means to cheat in sports.

Women’s sports belong to women. Frankly it’s not the Council’s to give away in the first place. I’m glad they’re stating this definitively, though.

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This comment is hilarious:

In the supermarket, we label them as organic and inorganic….Maybe we should treat sports like we treat veggies and meat at the market we should have Organic and inorganic sports. The organic should never mix with the inorganic, they are not the same regardless of how many pills and chemicals you pump into someone’s body.

Yeah I'd prefer to be called organic woman than "cis" woman.

This other comment though, deserves more media and scientific investigation on wtf us really going on:

Trans rights in boxing now. I have a friend who used to hate women – now he’s turned into a woman he wants to fight them in mma boxing or any fight sport. Love is love – she deserves a chance to bash women in a controlled environment. You know it makes sense…

To me this comes across as a weaselly statement. They don't actually state their requirements for participation. This is their "consensus": concerns are raised. It seems like they are trying their best to avoid a controversy.

The WBC advocates for two equally skilled and matched athletes competing in the cage or ring, on a level playing field and to keep matches fair, competitive, entertaining, and most importantly safe for all combatants. At present level of scientific knowledge, the WBC consensus is that allowing transgender athletes to compete raises serious health and safety concerns.

Could be worse. At least they're not saying "womb owners" etc.

This is shocking, in a good way. I'm sure the TRAs are throwing fucking fits. They can die mad.

Women fought for equality too long and too hard to just roll over and let former dudes creep in and steal wins away from us

What a great post to see on a day when I was feeling particularly irritable

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