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I'm so glad. I've been following her family's efforts to look for her since mid-July. Usually when someone's been missing for almost two months it doesn't turn out well, so it's nice to finally see some good news!

I know! It brought a tear to my eye to see this headline for once.

Same here. When I saw she'd been found, my heart sank & I thought "oh no please no". Then I read she is alive & well & I was so relieved & pleased.

Just saw this on the BBC and was pleasantly surprised! Owami's been missing for so long that I thought the chances she was still alive were slim to none. Her family must be so relieved. They never gave up fighting for her.

Great news! I do hope though that she didn't need to disappear for some reason, had to go into hiding, anything like that.

Thank all that is holy that she’s home safe! I really hope she’s okay and didn’t come into any trouble or danger

Hallelujah! And, good work by the police who found her alive and well.

wonderful news 🥰 much be such a relief for her family

I can’t believe with all the true crime I follow I never heard about this. Does anyone have recs for true crime YouTubers who covered this while it was ongoing?