You know what, it’s about damn time a corporation stood behind a woman instead of trans shit!

It's def a money tactic. A lot of companies that stayed silent are seeing the pendulum is swinging and they're ready to get their social justice points. We'll see what they do if they get pushback, but yeah we need more and more people and companies speaking out.

I don't think any of these companies are genuinely speaking out in defence for LaFlamme so much as wanting to gain those social justice points to make more money. It'll always be about the bottom line, always.

Yeah it would be one thing if the CEO of Wendys made a public statement about it but this is just corporate, armchair, low effort, for profit activism and I'm really tired of corporations doing this and being praised for it.

ICYMI: 58-year-old LaFlamme was the well-respected senior anchor for the major Canadian news network CTV, who was unceremoniously fired by her 40-yea-old misogynistic boss Michael Melling for having the temerity to "go grey" without his approval and also for pushing back against his abusive micromanaging. She even was known as a "den mother" and mentor to other, younger women journalists who didn't yet have the institutional clout to go up against "the brass."

The crude dismissal of one of Canada's most well-regarded journalists, particularly for the sexist and ageist reasons behind her termination, has caused a nuclear PR disaster for the network, its corporate owners (the Bell Media telecom company, which in a twisted bit of irony also runs the "Let's Talk" mental health awareness campaign that is pretty clearly just empty lip service to a cause they don't really care about), and Melling himself, whose Twitter account is now private after getting bombarded with complaints from all over the country. This past week, Dove announced its own "go grey" campaign to salute the beauty of older women, and now Wendy's restaurant of all places has turned the red hair of its iconic mascot grey in solidarity with LaFlamme and all women who've faced the brunt of ageist misogyny in the workforce and their personal lives.

At this point Michael Melling's "leadership" is unsalvageable. Not only did he trigger this firestorm -- which made international headlines and drew a swarm of instant condemnation -- and prove himself to be a bullying asshole in comments leaked from company meetings, but he's been completely owned by a soap company and now a burger joint. Literally nobody is taking his side. Where's the beef, as the old commercial says? Hopefully... the beef has landed on the desk of a damn good lawyer representing Ms. Laflamme.

Someone ask Mike if he wants a side of fries with the egg on his smug face.

I think this is all fantastic news (particularly as a grey woman myself). What I also think is that at least a few businesspeople are belatedly realising that grey-haired women have a lot of purchasing power; maybe it's good business for companies to get on our good side?

This is all very satisfying to read, but why tf does Michael Melling still have a job after such a PR disaster? Why is it that we only have his twitter being private and his name being dragged in media to celebrate? He still has his position, income, wealth... arguably still power, influence, and clout since he's still there. Is he/CTV being taken to court for employment discrimination? Has CTV terminated his contract for cause?

The story all still seems to be unfolding. However it certainly looks like Bell/CTV are refusing to admit any wrongdoing whatsoever (probably on the advice of their legal department), because Bell also owns the CP24 network that had on "experts" to admonish companies for "jumping on hot topics".


If I had to bet I'd say LaFlamme goes independent, i.e. to a podcast or Substack, and possibly takes some other journalists with her.

I noticed the roasting of companies that acted in support. Quelle surprise.

He needs to be removed and Laflamme must be reinstated—if she wants to go back.

She has the Order of Canada for God’s sake.

I'm just going to celebrate that, for this week at least, middle-aged white women are not public enemy #1.

[–] Tabitha_Tuesday 14 points Edited

What the hell. Lisa LaFlamme is so beautiful. I can only hope to have such gorgeous silver locks when I'm older. Ageism is especially prevalent against women.

Seriously!! Grey goals right there. Her hair looks very healthy.

Personally I think the age of women having to dye their hair into their 70's is over. I have many friends in their 40's now who are embracing their "sparkles" as they come in. I even have a younger friend who chooses to dye hers silver to be on trend.

I saw a teen girl at my youngest son's high school with gray hair (dyed, of course). I wanted to give her a little fist bump. It was cute!

Of course, I have mine naturally. 🤣

My mother is 68 in a few months and still colours her hair. I've tried to convince her to just give the grey a try but she hates the idea. She has beautiful curls too, which she's always straightened my whole life. Meanwhile I keep wondering when my own hair is going to get any greys. I'm actually looking forward to them. My husband has so many already and they stand out so nicely against his black hair. The thing I like about grey hair is, each person has their own unique flavour. Salt and pepper, large chunky streaks, light greys, dark greys, like a stormy sky... natural grey hair is so special. This obsession with youth, especially for women, is just so sad. I'm looking forward to the day women don't care so much about aging. Will it ever come?

I went gray 5 years ago. My hair has never looked better or healthier and I'm complimented on it all the time.

I'm trying to return to work in the construction industry here (a brofest) so my silver-foxedness (more like piebald) will have to be a startling reveal post-probation! It's an ageism/sexism intersectional double whammy 🙁

But you can say you dye your hair grey on purpose so the men don’t get distracted in the workplace./s

There's a whole gray hair trend on Instagram lately where older women grow out their natural colour. I followed a few accounts and now I get 20+ recommended to me every day. It makes me happy because it's just so beautiful and something we don't really see that often, especially on social media. Makes me look forward to going gray one day.

[–] Inez 12 points

Great to see some support for women for once, no matter the motives.

I'm going to make a bit of a shallow observation - her hair is so beautiful, just stunning. I wish it came in a bottle, lol, I'd dye my hair tomorrow.


I had to google who Lisa LaFlamme is but can I just say, that woman is stunning. Absolutely gorgeous. I hope I look that good at 58.

[–] OneStarWolf 7 points Edited

Silver or gray can look very beautiful:


I’m definitely considering getting something like this done after 50+. Box dyes are monthly torture.

Thanks for sharing that link. Absolutely gorgeous silvers. I wonder how much that costs, though? Ten hours is a lot of work for a stylist.

Edit: check out this post on that stylist's Instagram. Other colorists are berating him because they'll lose money if women go gray. https://www.instagram.com/p/ChDO8h1PE6R/

Wow Reading that makes me wonder how much my mum's stylist influences her decision to continue colouring. She's been with her for over twenty years at least. Hmmm

Thinking of doing the same, whenever my hair hits the point that it's much more gray than its regular color. There's a point where it makes sense to lean into the gray/silver instead of hiding it.