From the article:

She added: “I am very open-minded, I don’t mind things being mixed gender, but that toilet in particular, because it’s isolated and you have to go down those stairs, if somebody confronts you in there, there’s no clear way out. I know that can happen with women also, but it’s a very different thing when you feel a threat from a man. It’s not open, it’s not like you can just head for the door.”

It doesn’t really happen with women though - I mean not really. That would mean that you feel the same threat from a woman that you do from a man - which most women don’t feel.

I am saddened by her trying to explain this to herself in an inclusive way. This is not about where the bathroom is located and how isolated it is. This could have happened anywhere - this is about a man being in a space that should be for women only.

Quick update on this issue (the article is from back in April and I remember seeing it at the time).

The reason for the women's toilet at Camden becoming "gender-neutral" was because the men's is having essential repair work related to flooding. As a stupid lazy short-term solution, the council decided to make the women's unisex until the men's was fixed. It was a thoughtless decision, but it was never meant to be a permanent arrangement and it wasn't made on ideological genderist grounds. There was no "let's make public toilets unisex" sentiment behind it. The intention was always to make it women-only again once the men's was fixed.

So the current situation is the toilet is women-only even though the men's toilet is not fixed. Men are being told to use the alternative public toilets in nearby South End Green, West End Lane etc.

Obviously the trans movement has had an effect on making public bodies think it's "no big deal" to have men using the same facilities as women. The decision to allow men to use women's toilets would have been unthinkable a couple of decades ago. But there is no current intention to do away with women's public toilets in London as a general rule.

It's good that there was a bit of a protest even at this. Bodes well for keeping women's toilets safe in London for the future if there were ever a more radical change.

Just because I'm in an "engaging in wild speculation" kinda mood... The kind of fashion scene that centers on Camden Market has alws attracted a disproportionate number of Lesbians in my experience. I gotta wonder whether the TERFy initiatives in that part of town might at all stem from having more Lesbians around... even if it's just a lil bit of a causation

Wonderful to see reality reassert itself. Congrats to all the women who worked to make this happen!