I just finished reading it yesterday! It is great, I love eliminating suspects in my head from the hints she drops.

I also particularly appreciated the vivid picture she paints of misogynistic abuse online. Hopefully it will give some people pause.

Why is this post under an NSFW filter?


My local bookstore had a German translation already.

And it had just sold out when I tried to buy it.

Either the local bookstore didn't order enough, or Rowling is as popular as ever, lol.

I LOOOOVED it. Basically stayed up for 2 days straight reading it. I liked Troubled Blood better but the way she writes is so engaging and tense that I can't put it down

Does something important happen between the characters in Troubled Blood that you need to know before TIBH? I haven’t read the previous books (detective stories are not really my thing usually) but I watched the series to get some clue of the characters. The new one sounds SO intriguing! But TB isn’t out as series yet.

Each book is a standalone mystery, but they are also a series in that they build on the primary characters' development and relationship with one another and other characters in their lives.

In other words, you can pick up anywhere in the series and be fine -- but you'll also want to go back and start reading from the beginning once you do!

Twitter is to implode from TRA rage in 3...2...1...

“Stop reading books! Stop having fun! It’s killing people!”

No it's SERIOUS! Every time JKR puts ink to paper, fifty transwomen LITERALLY think about committing suicide some day!

I'm about halfway through it and LOVE IT. She is so adept at getting right to the heart of an issue and opening them up to the sunlight. She is just so GOOD.

I’ve got the book (preordered months ago) but can’t read it because I’m still rereading Troubled Blood. Ggngggghnngh!

I just finished Troubled Blood myself. I'm really into all the self-reflection, Robin and Strike's relationship, I know some hate that, but I'm loving that!

I love getting to know the characters but I don’t love the will-they-or-won’t they. I think they could keep getting to know each other for several books yet before I would have to see them kiss. I’d also be ok if it never happened, I think. Only I want them both to find love, it just doesn’t have to be with each other. Maybe a couple of five books from now it will be inevitable, but not yet.

I like the complexity of it, but I would prefer that they each have relationships with other people, not each other.

The passing of his Aunt Joan, Ted's reaction, all the side characters and their quirks and foibles, loving all of it. Description of places. Just love it.

I'm looking forward to buying it this weekend after a long, long week. Nice to see it is doing so well!

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Are the books in her series standalone, or do I need to read the whole series before this one? The plot sounds really intriguing.

[–] Inez 38 points

Someone asked her this on twitter and she said better to read them all if you want the progression of the relationships, but can be read standalone if just reading for the mystery.

She also said to borrow them from the library, except for the first book The Cuckoo's Calling, because all the royalties from that book are donated to The Soldiers' Charity.

I love how she both never forgets that some people can't afford to buy every book, and also that she donates so much to charities.

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She’s such a genuinely kind person, TRAs couldn’t have chosen a worse target for their lies and smearing. I think I’ll buy this book and read it as a standalone. I have a really hard time reading fiction, I always start reading a bunch of books at the same time and forget to finish them, DAE have that problem? I’ll really try to finish this one, though.

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The main case is always standalone and you won't see spoilers for previous mysteries, but the character development and relationships do carry over so you might be a little lost in those parts. I do think she does a pretty good job with providing context for new readers (or people who are returning to the series after the years-long wait between installments!).

Having read them all, I wouldn’t want to deprive myself of the character development, especially the way Robin grows as a person (no spoilers). To me the mysteries are good but secondary. But the mystery itself is standalone, and major facts about each character do get repeated.

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