Seeing how it's readers choice, the readers are telling the editors a great deal by voting for Stock. I wonder what the numbers looked like.

Caroline Criado Perez also won third ✌️

That’s fantastic! Currently re reading Invisible Woman - can’t imagine how much research went into it!

About TIME something good happens to this poor women hounded to near death.

That's great news! Congrats, Kathleen! Hope more accolades come your way...

Good for her. I read Material Girls, I didn't realize there was a readers poll I could vote in. Kathleen Stock comes across as very reasonable, likable and quite humble given the fact she is one of the world's top thinkers. The sort of woman anyone would be lucky to count as a friend.

This is amazing! Material girls was actually such a moderate and reasoned book, it's insane to me that they vilified her so much. I wish she stayed with her university - they never actually kicked her out or cancelled her, she just chose to leave. There's such a dwindling GC academic community that it would've made a huge difference I think if she stayed.

I can understand why she did, though. She's got a whole life, including wife and kids, that they were disrupting and threatening (indirectly, at least, if not directly). The stress can really take its toll.