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This is such good news. It takes so long for victims of childhood sexual abuse to get to a place where they can discuss what happened to them and often the case was statute barred by the time they did. I'm delighted for you Americans! But I presume this is just for federal offences and not state ones?

I believe, and please correct me, but ALL child sexual abuse is a federal crime.

Not an American but I thought it had to cross state lines or take place on federal land. According to this https://www.justice.gov/criminal-ceos/citizens-guide-us-federal-law-child-sexual-abuse

State law is where these matters are dealt with unless certain criteria are met. Is this incorrect?

Oops, pressed send too soon. Looks like it can be federal only under special criteria within a state. I think I was looking at this backwards, as a federal sex crime is always one that is particularly severe, like child abuse or sex trafficking, but it looks like that severity across state lines or special circumstances is what moves it to federal courts. thank you!!

Thank you. I must be thinking about child trafficking within a state.

Now reform malpractice law so that detransitioners can sue their quacks. Otherwise known as victims of medical child sex abuse.

Great news!

I really wish someone were brave enough to tell Biden that trans is NOT some version of glitter gay...I truly think he's clueless about it and brainwashed by that Sarah dude.

"a broken clock is right twice a day" or something to that effect. good on Biden for doing this. I hope he does something similar for adult rape victims next

Biden is wrong on gender issues but he's not in broken clock territory.

He's beyond broken, he's senile.

He's not actually.

Like I said, I don't agree with him on gender issues, and I wasn't fully on board with student loan forgiveness, but when it comes to really important issues like abortion, unions, the environment, Russia, and more he's doing just fine.