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I remember finding out I was going to have a daughter. I was SHOCKED because I was convinced I was having a boy (so much for intuition lmao).

I remember that's when it opened my eyes as to what a good man I had picked to have children with - my husband was whooping and hollering and immediately wanted to get her a tiny soccer jersey for his team. He was going on and on about how she was going to go into business and accounting just like her daddy. I'd heard so many stories of men being disappointed to be having girls that I almost cried at his enthusiasm.

I know we shit a lot (DESERVEDLY) on men on this site but it does lift my spirits when I see genuinely good men who love us. My husband unashamedly tells the sexist men at his job how much he prefers working with women.

I have no idea where I was going with this comment lmao.

My ex used to get grief about "only" having daughters and how he must want a son. His response was to tell people that by saying that they were inferring something was wrong with girls. This always put people on the backfoot. My ex wasn't particularly educated or sophisticated but could sniff out that shite and had no hesitation on calling people out on it. My ex had many failings but recognising and calling out every day sexism was a strong point! He was a good man just not for me! They are out there.

I've had more than one man now show genuine joy, excitement, and delight when I've said I was pregnant with a girl. One guy (just making conversation while waiting for a haircut) asked and I told him and he was like "YEAH!!! Congratulations! I have two girls, they are the best!" And the other guy, a work colleague got the biggest smile and started going on and on about how excited he was for me and how much he loves his granddaughter. That made me really happy.

My husband is also absolutely stoked, but I was less surprised by his response ❤

Mods, I hope this is the right circle.

This is amazing news. Of course there are still loads of other problems in South Korea for women but for girls to be preferred because parents know they will contribute more says something. Obviously, all children should in ideal circumstances be there for their parents as they age but this isnt alwsys possible. But acknowledging how sons fail at this is fantastic.

Yeah we're only the ones who are like a billion more times more likely to stick around and take care of our parents when they're old...nice to finally see some fucking gratitude and love for daughters

But still, there will now be an expectation that daughters, and not sons, care for their elderly parents, whereas before men were still expected to support their parents. It still falls on women to take care of everything and everyone, and be the primary emotional labourer.

It's incredibly selfish, just like it was before.

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Korean men (like all men) are raised as spoiled manchildren who can do no wrong. They are rarely if ever punished for rape, abuse (8 out of 10 Korean men abuse their girlfriends), assault, and bullying. Korean men are extremely entitled and still expect women to retain all traditional roles.

It is truly no wonder the feminists in Korea are fierce, and the birthrate is dropping substantially

This is great news!! Finally people are recognising the worth of their daughters, makes sense since society has progressed enough where men are no longer the sole providers.

Anecdotally : Personally I would prefer to have a daughter , mostly because I come from a family of all girls and I’ve always imagined having a daughter not a son lol.