This is great. But it's interesting to me how California wants to go after cyber flashing but apparently gives absolutely no fucks about IRL flashing 🙃

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Brilliant comment -

"This is a good step. However, it's weird that this is happening at the same time that laws are being changed to allow men into women's bathrooms and locker rooms and protecting them when they flash women irl. Several of the upenn swimmers said that Lea Thomas flashed them in the locker room and they were bullied into silence by the administration when they tried to assert their rights."

Unsolicited dick pic - bad.

Unsolicited dick - let's try to be more inclusive.

There are going to be so many demands for justice over unsolicited dick pics that the computers at local police departments will become PHYSICALLY HEAVIER

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Really, cops should love this. Would be a slam dunk case, you just have to subpoena phone and social media records. They barely have to do a thing, and they get a W.

The California bill, unlike the Texas and Virginia bills, unfortunately doesn't criminalize it, it just creates a path for people to sue for damages. Seems a shortcoming of the bill TBH.

Hrm, don't love that. Maybe an enterprising tort lawyer can make a buck off of idiot coomers, though, so I guess that's something.

I find that it's these 3 states - that I normally would not associate - that are doing this:

"The measure, which advanced unanimously in California’s legislature, mirrors laws in Texas and Virginia, and signals a widening state-level push to curb virtual harassment."

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Put it up for a popular vote and it would pass overwhelmingly. I can't imagine unsolicited dick pic senders account for more than maybe 10% of the male population.