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Lol at that Justin guy in the comments : "Trans people say this is transphobic. I listen to them." Woman : "Why don't you listen to women?" Justin : "If your definition of woman doesn't include TW it is transphobic."

Don't you just love it when men in Twitter threads take time out of their busy man schedule to educate women about what it means to be a woman ?

All hail Justin.

ETA : And of course it's a white gay man.

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Justin: "I only listen men who say they're women. That's better than listening to actual women."


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Also Justin: "I only listen to women who are actually men"

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"Because I don't actually see them as women, I see them as my male peers"

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Maybe it should be “if your definition of woman includes male colonizers, it’s sexist”. Maybe someone should ask him if his maleness is the reason why he talks down to women while treating trans women’s words as gospel—why he’s so eager to believe that male people are oppressed, and female people are wicked witches denying male people their rights (now, where did that rhetoric originate? But this time, it’s not the same (uses evidence that doesn’t actually refute the point), or that didn’t really happen (straight up denial with an expectation that his word is enough), or insert some other deflection that tries to minimize the point—bonus points if he doesn’t make an argument for TWAW at all, and simply uses it as a premise because any logic used by men must be sound—hey, same error). Someone really should tell him that this new presentation of sexism isn’t original, or creative, or even funny: it’s just men making excuses not to listen to women, like it’s always been. This embarrassingly-transparent attempt at looking virtuous couldn’t hide how self-serving his behavior is, but it’s quite funny to see how confident he and the rest of his crew are—they really bought into the idea that society would recognize them to be as clever as they recognize themselves, just because they’ve been socialized to think that their poor efforts are genuinely worth more than women’s substantial efforts. It’s practically axiomatic, the way this perspective is: men are intelligent, and women saying otherwise are actually unintelligent, no matter how right they are... because it’s already a fact of the universe that men are intelligent, see? If that fact contradicts everything else, then it’s everything else that’s wrong. If he can’t realize that his behavior mirrors that of sexists who demonized female people for not acting how male people wanted centuries ago—male people who were arrogant enough to think their merits earned them the clout that maleness automatically afforded them in society—then there really might be no hope for him.

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"bonus points if he doesn’t make an argument for TWAW at all, and simply uses it as a premise because any logic used by men must be sound"

The problem is they use TWAW as a premise because they've already decided it was true and they act like it never needed any debate at all.

They (whoever "they" is ?!?) simply decreed this and now that they use it as gospel, any woman, feminist or not, who doesn't agree or feels uneasy about letting a TIM take her place can therefore not be a feminist because she's "excluding women". It's a circular logic.

They just decreed that TWAW, and they're trying to blackmail us into conceding. Like dude no.

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Justin: 'Men have told me this makes their pee pee angry so I agree it's bad'

Woman: 'Why don't you listen to women?'

Justin: 'bc normal women are boring and dumb'

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Justin: "If your definition of woman doesn't include TW it is transphobic."

Women: "So you'll take the word of TW who say this, but refuse to consider women who say that if your definition of a woman includes males, it is misogynistic? Why only listen to TW?"

Justin: "....."


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surfs up

terfs up

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Someone made this "surfin and terfin" image on r/gc and it was my summertime phone wallpaper - hope the creator made it here!

[–] HR 7 points (+7|-0)

Thank youuuu, this will now be my reply any time some MRA incel calls me a terf 👋

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surfs up

terfs up

I'm playin' some old Beach Boys in honor.

And to the OP, you rock. The fellow who posted the sign rocks. This plus the Kendi statement today, after Beach Boys it's Chuck Berry Rock(in) Round the Clock.

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Uh, shouldn't that be "Beach People"? Oh, wait, they're male, so they get to keep their name.

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Is this real? I seem to remember that during the “I ❤️ J. K. Rowling” billboard fiasco that Elston claimed to have bought one in Times Square, but that there was never any independent confirmation.

[–] Elegantissima [OP] 15 points (+15|-0)

I honestly don't know. It went by on Twitter, so I got excited, but I can't find any corroboration.

It's possible that it's real and there's just a media blackout.

Or not.


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I hope this is real

[–] [Deleted] 14 points (+14|-0)

i might pop by to check! there's a bunch of live times square cams, too!

[–] au_dela 5 points (+5|-0) Edited

This live camera looks toward 1540 Broadway, and the billboard should be right next to the big "21" of the Forever 21 display. I've clicked through the archive of a live feed here a bit and haven't yet seen it, but I have no idea how purchasing a billboard works or when it was supposed to have run.

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I am in the city so I can also drop by check if it’s real . It would make my day!

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The billboard itself is good. Elston is best avoided.

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The thing is, even if there was some amazing technology that could turn a complete XY male into a 100% XX female, there would still be conversations to have about male socialization and privilege.

There would still be a disparity with access to educational resources and career opportinities, familial support, trust funds, nepotism, etc.
Males would still benefit from the unpaid labor of females up until transition, and would probably still continue to benefit, because all the women in newly-minted "Jennifer's" life know that "Jennifer" is really Brian, and Brian couldn't cook a pot of soup to save his damn life.

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