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This is great news. But like many feminist steps forward, it also serves as a reminder of how bad things were and are. It's so wrong, disturbingly wrong, that it's taken this long to have ONE female crash dummy. This despite the much greater rate of injuries and fatalities women face in crashes.

When I raise this issue, it's been put to me as a counterargument that women just get injured more easily. So... don't bother trying to address this higher risk of injury? When something is happening to women, we're expected to just accept it as our lot, no matter what it is, even countless preventable deaths.

And this is no guarantee that the dummy will be used. Companies must be legally forced to use it, otherwise they will not willingly take the added expense and complications of accounting for the female body. They'd rather let us die after we hand over the money for their shitboxes to save on expenses and paperwork.

THIS! When people realized how often babies and children died in crashes, the industry created car seats (and adapted newer cars to make installing a car seat easier). But it took until NOW for them to address females getting disproportionately hurt/killed in car accidents!?

I'm glad it's finally happening. But its an outrage that it took so long for a multi-billion dollar industry to address this! And I hate that no one outside of radical feminists seems to care

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Another reason why women need to be recognized, respected and protected sex class. A lot harder to do if women don't exist.

Let's hope at least ONE company starts using it and advertising the fact.

The market solves a great many problems, but it can only solve problems when there's competition. As long as no company makes cars that are safe for women, all companies can afford not to do it.

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It starts with one company. One thing I know about cars is women are the #1 consumers of them. Car companies have to market to them. And many women judge cars on safety. The smart company will take advantage of this. I dare them to market to "chest feeders and uterus owners" though.

I will happily throw my money at any company who embraces this (my current car is 20 years old and I'll need a new one soon)

The fact that it took this long reinforces that society views men as the standard, and women as the peripheral.

Yet, from a biological standpoint, it is the exact opposite. The entire human race is anchored to female bodies. Funny how some people get things backwards like that sometimes.

I know I should be all “yayyyy I’m so grateful” and kissing the feet of whoever did this but honestly it’s ridiculous and embarrassing it took this long.

The crash test dummy has been around since 1949.


Yep. 2022 before they thought about the other 50% of the population :/

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I nearly died in a bad car crash related to ice and snow on a rural dirt road. I had just moved to the area for school. I cracked my skull, had a brain bleed, and nearly froze to death. A guy with FedEx happened to find me and it saved my life. I experienced all that despite correctly adjusting my steering wheel, wearing my seatbelt, and having working air bags in an SUV (and I was not driving fast). They do not design cars for women and it shows. Also thanks to America's healthcare system, I did not initially go to the hospital because the cost of the ambulance, which did show up on scene, would have been around $2k. It greatly impacted my ability in school, when previously I'd done very well, I began to struggle with remembering information. Besides the fact that I now have a permanent knot on one side of my head and can still feel my blood pulsing through my veins on the side I cracked, I have PTSD from that event and avoid driving in general now. It definitely impacts my ability to work any job requiring commuting on the highway. For a few years I refused to drive at all over 30 mph.

Now the question is, will companies actually USE this crash dummy?

Whaaat?!? I had no idea that female crash test dummies didn’t exist until now. This was/is awful. I naively believed the car makers when they said they tested cars, I thought it went without saying that they tested for the safety of women, too :-(

I want one with big boobs who can’t wear the seatbelt properly

I don't see a steering column in front of any of the dummies in the diagrams. Does that mean this lil' bit of progress is marred by having all the dummies in the passenger seat?

I'm laughing, but it's... the rueful laugh of a Woman in the automotive hobby/profession.