I came across this article too but couldn't find any tangible product links. Lmk if you do!

The S-Clip has already undergone crash test dummy safety checks to prove it does not reduce a seatbelt’s effectiveness and Sheilas’ Wheels is currently shopping around for a partner to produce it.

Source: https://www.autoblog.com/2006/03/08/seatbelt-designed-with-the-ladies-in-mind/

This blog is from 2006. I can’t find anything else. It’s a real shame if something has already been invented and it isn’t put out to benefit the population.

I didn't know they still existed. I thought the end to sex discrimination in insurance meant the end for that company, too.

I was surprised when they came up in my search for car insurance recently. I assume they have to cater to men now too.

3 2 1 until the trans cry that this is an abuse against them and get it pulled from the market.