I was just watching one of the videos and thinking back to the time of the first moon shots and the ever-present always male voices going "T minus 30" and "Roger" and all that stuff and hearing a woman's voice doing that kind of thing (also without the static haha) is a tiny thrill.

I love astronomy, and thought Ovarit would enjoy this news.

Artemis 1 is an unmanned mission, not taking any actual humans to the moon with it. Scientists are hoping that the first woman and first person of color will someday soon be put on our rocky satellite with the knowledge we get from this mission.

(This is the best I could explain, sorry if it isn't very concise.)

NASA's launch livestream is here, with the launch window opening in just under ten minutes, but it will probably be a bit longer before it finally takes off. I will warn that the chat can be a bit toxic.

Super cool! Clicked just in time for the launch in 5 minutes, thanks for sharing :)

I watched the NASA livestream, very impressive. They also showed her addressing her team after successful launch.