Thanks for sharing the article! I wanted to share some information about caste that the article didn't mention and I think is important to know.

Something non-Indian and second generation Indians in the Western world may not know is that Indians can tell the caste of someone without asking them directly. Simply knowing what town they're from, what gods they worship (or don't worship), what version of foods they make at home or even just their last name can immediately signal caste. There is currently a push to remove caste from birth certificates and the census as a means of "removing caste based discrimination". However, this will only serve to obscure caste based discrimination.

In India there are caste based quotas to address generations of discrimination and caste based oppression. Every government run school has to have a certain percentage of lower caste people (There's a spectrum of "backwards" castes). This has been a great boon in increasing opportunities for those who may not have had them otherwise. The push to remove caste from India is a direct ploy to remove this affirmative action for lower caste people.

Furthermore caste shouldn't be something to be ashamed of. A person's caste hails back to the time when India was ruled by regional kings. Your caste signified what kingdom you came from, your background, your culture. It's not caste that's bad; it's caste based discrimination that's bad.

By officially removing caste, you're giving people the power to discriminate without consequence. When caste isn't recorded, you won't be able to quantify and measure the discrimination faced by lower caste people. The "upper caste" people will still know who they are and who the "lower caste" people are. They'll still be able to commit violence against "lower caste" people--but now there won't be international outcry since no one will know it's caste based violence. Caste based quotas and caste based statistics has done so much for improving quality of life for "lower case" people.

It's no surprise that just when the "lower caste" people have been able to break through generations of oppression and are now climbing the social and political ladder, people want to remove caste based language. It's a thoroughly complicated issue. I just want more people to be aware that caste in India is not a black and white issue.