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And now they're really going mad on Twitter, can't say I don't have some Schadenfreude about it.

The SPD voted no on it together with their coalition partner, the more conservative CDU, and now get blasted for it. I think it was just a good excuse, so they didn't need to say: "Hey, we really don't pass a law that allows 14 years old to go to court and get permission from a judge for getting their genitals amputated without parental consent, fine people for "misgendering" other people who only went to the registry and got their gender changed and nothing else, and we don't want to open the Pandora's box of sex based rights that would be in danger through this law".

They make it seem like it's just about self-ID, but the proposed law was a much more insidious package.

Really don't know how to vore in the future. SPD/CDU have disqualified themselves in so many points, also in women's rights (abortion!), the Green Party is wokeism you can vote for, and FDP does usually nothing than try to secure more money for their clientele (staunch middle-class people).

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I would vote for "Die Linke" if I were German! Best party in Germany from what I can tell.

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Thank God! Also, there is a poll attached to this article asking if people agree with the following statement: "I worry that the situation of transgender people in society worsens." Only 20% agreed.

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incredible. i hope the rest of the UK takes notice and follows suit, as ive all but given up on north america

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When I read the headline today, I was so relieved! I don't like the CDU, but I am glad that the Greens are not in charge... yet.