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That is cool. I kind of wonder whether this was originally an active choice to film while pregnant, or a "omg have to do this now, pregnant or not" peak-capitalism-forced "choice". But whatever it may have been, it's awesome now, and I'll look for it for my kids (some of whom are into science). Congrats to Emily and may her daughter find it extra-awesome when she's old enough to understand more about the world we live in!

Actually, here's a better wish: may she grow up and never see a single exceptional thing about it, because it's totally normal and supported for pregnant women to continue doing what they love to do, if they so choose...

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It's a good thing most TIMs are too busy watching porny anime to notice this or they'd find a pregnant (!) woman explaining (!!) science (!!!) seriously triggering.

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More female lead science programs is amazing! I wish I had female scientists on TV to look up to when I was younger.

Watching it now with my daughter. There's only a few episodes, but it's fun. Lots of messy science experiments that kids love.

We've also been watching SciShow kids on Youtube. It's hosted by a woman and covers a broad range of topics. The episodes last about 3-5 minutes.