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Welp, just a matter of time before they trot out Against Me!

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Right?? My first thought. I googled him to see what he was up to recently and came across this in an interview-

Have you noticed a marked difference between how industry people treated you as a man and as a woman?

I think specifically as a transgender person, people keep you at a bit of an arm’s length; like any kind of objection you have to something or any disagreements you might have is a sign that you’re mentally unstable or just completely off your rocker. I think operating in the world as a transgender person, I don’t necessarily feel some huge societal shift.

How the fuck would he know the difference, he’s a 6’2” male and people are humoring him at best. I know he came out back in like 2012 but after viral videos like the It’s-Ma’am freak out, is there any wonder people would walk on eggshells??

Wonder how women is defined…

I looked at the registration page and didn't see any woo language, so it seems promising.

I hope so. Not that I have the money or ability to go at this point in my life with 2 young kids and work haha.

But if they actually mean women…this is a win

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That sounds amazing!

I love rock but sometimes felt quite alienated from it by the pervasive sexism. I felt like I had to be a “cool girl” and laugh along with all the misogynistic jokes.

This sounds like an environment where women can really develop their own direction without that pressure. Fantastic.

I totally understand, I am the exact same way and also once upon a time in my 20's was the "cool girl" who laughed at the same things and proclaimed that I just didn't like female artists as much. CRINGE. For the last few years it's been so enriching learning about and discovering women artists, hearing their stories and seeing just how tough some of these women were/are.

I am the only woman in a music themed hobby group full of men, and they treat me fairly well, but it is SO exhausting having to constantly battle and drive into their skulls that men need to stop being the default in the telling of music history. To their credit, a good chunk of the guys seem pretty chastened and I've seen shifts in their behavior for the better, and they make an effort now to make sure female artists are discussed. It's the bare minimum, but at least no one is outright attacking me for standing up for women. I think it helps them seeing documentaries like the one on the Go-Go's and watching what they endured out on the road (how many people would be brave enough to deal with skinheads throwing things at them and making death threats), or the Tina Turner documentary where it came out that Capitol almost wouldn't sign her for her comeback, and called her an "n-word douchebag". Tina fucking Turner was spoken to like that! I'm sure the Fanny documentary that's coming out will have similar stories.