Reading through the Talk page... Maneesh, whoever you are, I think I'd like to buy you a drink:

I'll leave it at it would be best to avoid relatively fuzzy notions like "gender identity" in an article about adult human females.

Hmm, it's interesting that the definition of gender identity in the clinical context is (used to be?) the correct appraisal of one's sex by oneself and others, while sexual identity is what one wishes to be perceived as. In that sense behavior is not a defining feature of gender identity.

Yay! Though this may be vandalized shortly, celebrate, my friends! For all things are ephemeral! Except biology.

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I love the bottom of the talk page

Your opening sentence is a common bigoted dogwhistle used by TERFs/FARTs and other transphobes and trans haters.

Seethe harder, women are adult human females.

It never occurred to me to check the wikipedia article on "Woman", but I have to say, it's delightful not only that it clearly states (with TWO footnotes sources) that we are adult human females, but also that it shows a pregnant woman and a woman breastfeeding, with the correct wording, not that "chest feeding", "birth parent" shit. Oh, and the picture with the physical differences between men and women? Ah, the bar is so low, that I giggled when I saw something so simple, but sane.

Love this comment from a TRA.

Please change this to reflect the fact that men can be women,

so both words lose all meaning

This is a new thing, isn't it? I think I remember checking wikipedia a couple years ago, and they had the mealy-mouthed "anyone who feels like a woman" definition.

But for how much longer? Wikipedia is full of TIMs trying to do stealth edits, because they have no lives.

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