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Is that for real? White man takes indigenous woman's baby AND her milk?

With most fetishes I dgaf as long as they keep it out of my face, but fetishising breastfeeding - turning something a mother does to keep her baby alive into a sexual turn-on - feels indescribably creepy. It's like half a step away from pedophilia.

Jeez, someone in marketing did NOT think this through . . .

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Here's the artist's instagram:


She's a non-binary TIF who seems to have an obsession and fetish with breastfeeding (constant talks about "sticky milk dripping" and all that crap). She has multiple photos posing with pumping devices and proudly tells multiple stories about her magical breastfeeding experiences.


She draws almost exclusively nothing but trans and nb pregnancies.

Edit: looks like she swallowed the kool aid a while back, but before this had been "one of those hypno homebirth hippie" types. She switched from signing off as "Lucy Kelly" to "L Kelly" or "Lou Kelly" in 2021.

Edit: yep, she came out in May 2021 with this cringe ass work email. Sigh

nsfw - she's posing with two pumps on her chest


This is not how you reduce stigma around pumping

Edit2: wow the more I read her instagram the more it's making me wildly uncomfortable knowing she fetishizes this shit and is also a midwife who has participated in births. I thought the photos of women giving birth were photos of her. They're (mostly) photos she took of other women (and shared with their consent). Normally this is considered empowering and educational, in pregnancy and birthing support circles, but knowing she's a TIF just indulging herself in her fetish through her professional job is... I really don't know how to feel about that.

Edit3: a post calling for "TERF Milli Hill" to be removed from a conference, "No TERFs in Midwifery". How about no TRAs in Midwifery you insufferable fuckhead




Edit5: I'm going to have to stop scrolling because I actually feel ill. How does a woman look womanhood in the fucking vagina as a baby is being birthed, go through it herself, and still come away with "pregnancy is for all genders". I don't fucking understand. Complete traitor to her sex.

From her IG

All aspects of HRT ARE SAFE WITH BREAST/CHESTFEEDING. Let me say it again: HRT as it is prescribed and administered for transgender people, will not and cannot hurt your baby via your milk.

Yes, because the amount of testosterone you take to literally stop your menstrual cycle and grown hair on your chest won't harm an infant...

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That is an outright fucking lie and she needs to lose her license.

How does lactation work on HRT? Women with PCOS have difficulty with lactation because the hormone balance is off. A woman taking male levels of testosterone should not produce milk. Unless she it talking about TIMs.

This is horrifying! How...? Binding while breastfeeding?!?! So much internalized misogyny, it's so sad.

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I have no idea what the actual fuck is happening here or who they're actually advocating for. Which is what fucking happens when you screw with what words mean.

This could very well be a "cis" woman and a TIF who was unable to breastfeed because of her mastectomy and so... treated the other woman like a fucking cow?? And breastfed the baby with extra steps??? What is the fucking point of expressing milk FROM a lactating mother INTO a bottle and then giving that bottle to someone else to LARP breastfeeding?! Why not just fucking let the baby nurse from the woman directly?? Even if they were strangers and this is some weird ass donation drive for breast milk or whatever WHY THE FUCK is the woman pumping directly in the same fucking room next to the baby being "breastfed"??? What is the POINT of those extra steps other than to give the "other mother" the VaLiDaTiOn oF BrEaStFeeDiNg?!? You forfeited your fucking right to breastfeed WHEN YOU WILLINGLY CUT OFF YOUR HEALTHY BREASTS TO LOOK LIKE A MAN! Why is the feeding parent bare ass naked?! What is the point and WHO does this benefit?! It's certainly not the fucking baby!!

Other scenario is: "cis" woman pumping, "cis" man feeding. Which is the above but worse because wow they at least tried to get away with "well transwomen are women so they should be able to breastfeed" as an excuse, even if filmsy as fuck. BUT THEY'VE MOVED ON TO A WHOLE ASS NAKED MAN. NO REASON OTHER THAN SKIN TO SKIN BONDING AND FEELING CLOSE I'M SURE.

WHY EVEN IS A WHITE FUCKING MAN OR "MAN" BREASTFEEDING A BLACK BABY WHILE THE MOM IS BLACK TOO. WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE OPTICS. ESPECIALLY IF YOUR POSTER IS CALLING TO INDIGENOUS PEOPLE. And of COURSE there are mixed race couples whose baby has a different skin tone, or takes on the tone of the other parent. That's not the point. Why SPECIFICALLY a "white man" "breastfeeding" what is very likely the WOC's child NAKED?


Also, very fucking amusing how despite this wokery they are suddenly All On Board with calling this "breastfeeding"! Isn't this transphobic as fuck to transmen, the whole reason why "men can breastfeed too" is the message here? Better yet, going to the site linked in the image leads you to this page (https://archive.ph/xg88n), which has a logo that reads, "Women's Health Action". What the actual fuck is going on, are you GC or TRA? Don't half ass this shit! There is no compromise!


You could have drawn the "man" character fully fucking clothed and bottle feeding the baby from an actual bottle instead of this pseudo breastfeeding IV drip shit and it would have been MORE impactful than this garbage, even if it makes no sense for the baby to be bottle feeding when the mom (who is clearly capable of expressing milk here, so it's not even a supply issue thing where she's pumping to store it for later feeds) is in the same damn room at the same damn time.

I don't understand why a TIF would want to "chestfeed". They cut off their breasts because of dysphoria, but faux nursing a baby doesn't cause dysphoria? Pregnancy isn't triggering enough, now they want to spend additional months "nursing"?

What are all these TIFs who opted to have nippleless mastectomies going to do when they want to breastfeed? Some 15 year old TIF/ENBY is really capable of understanding what it might feel like in 10-20 years when the urge to have a baby kicks in. I know not all women have that urge, but I don't think anyone can say a teenager is in a position to make that decision.

I thought this was a completely normal picture until I read OP's comment about the person who posted it. I'm so naive🤦🏽‍♀️

When I had my premature baby she wasn't able to drink on her own yet so I was constantly pumping. We would give her the milk via nasogastric tube while she laid on top of the naked chest of either me or my husband ("kangaroo care") with the tube taped to us. I thought the picture had something to do with that.

Why do these people have to ruin everything smh

how did we go from becoming the first country to allow women to vote, to this fucking bullshit

The device is called a SNS, and is used by women with low milk supply to feed their babies.

This is just fucked up though

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The tubing is usually attached with removable tape. When the newborn infant suckles on the breast, the infant is nourished both by fluid from the capillary tube and by the mother's breastmilk from the nipple. The mother's milk supply is stimulated by the infant suckling, and in most cases the use of the SNS can be discontinued in a few days or weeks when the mother's milk supply has risen to meet the infant's needs.

The "mother"'s milk supply in this drawing is definitely never rising whether it's a TIF or a TIM, so yeah. It's just a fetish.

Oh definitely and I’m extra disgusted because the women I know who go this route with low supply suffer so much in their quest to breastfeed, only for fetishists to hijack the device.

I used an SNS system and it saved my breastfeeding. I also pumped, which seriously contributed to PPD.

From my perspective, this is a horror comic.

Weird sexual/kink stuff aside, I find this incredibly racist.