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Top commeent: "If you didn't have to transition but could be a women forever just like that, by magic, would you do it?"

...the amount of times i've seen this reiterated across forums.. it just screams 'no prefrontal cortex yet'

Autogynephilic heterosexual man who wants to rape lesbians asks other AGP het men, who also want to rape lesbians, if he is an AGP het man who wants to rape lesbians. Or if he is simething else. Lol.

Someone could post. "I'm breathing, am I trans?" on that sub and they'd all affirm him as trans. According to them, asking if you are trans means you are trans.

Omg. The amount of them in the comments admitting lesbian porn started their obsession….Jesus fucking. Christ. I wish we could plaster this on a billboard.

It's fascinating how stupid they are. Do they seriously not grasp that they like this porn because it was hand crafted by STRAIGHT MEN to appeal exactly to what STRAIGHT MEN WANT????

I'm not a lesbian but even I grasped at teenage age that actual lesbians probably don't like pointlessly sucking on a plastic penis. It's soo OBVIOUSLY catered to what big standard straight men want.