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I guess now we know why TIMs allegedly pass so well online. They don't even use their actual faces at all! 😂🤡🤡🤡

The fact that it’s his photo on his school email address too is just hilarious. How is no one in the school directly calling him out, this is several levels beyond ridiculous.

A female teacher wouldn't be allowed to look like that on the job, so this guy shouldn't be allowed either. Can you imagine being his student, or having a parent-teacher conference with him?

Wtf is WRONG with MEN


It’s crazy how girls are told not to dress a certain way because it will “distract” the boy students... but the way this man looks is certainly a distraction.

Wtf is with the (fake) nipples...

Why don’t they fire this pervert instead of letting him parade his fetish around children? Wtf