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Leak what?! Dear god.

Leaking fantasies with delusional drips a frequent comorbidity to a frozen V8 juice period. All completely normal, nothing weird going on here.

Right? Like uh... go to a doctor maybe? See a psychiatrist while you’re at it.

Hands up if you feel euphoric when your breasts leak mysterious fluid!

…No one? That's what I thought.

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Um. When my boobs first started coming in, this happened to me once.

I was decidedly not euphoric. I was terrified. It was just a little bit, and it reminded me of the tea tree oil I was putting on my face for acne around that time. I was freaking out, but it only happened once, and I STILL don’t know what it was nearly 20 years later. Honestly the thought of it still scares me!

Yep. Girls are freaked out by the changes they go through during puberty far more often than they're "euphoric." Further proof, not that you needed it, the males on high doses of female hormones aren't women.

Jeez, men just think they can say ANYTHING and not get challenged don't they? The amount of shit they spit.

Here's this dude, obvious clueless fetishist, doesn't know how breasts work, hasn't devoted five seconds of thought to actually researching the subject although he has devoted five thousand hours to fantasising and masturbating about it, wearing his fetish on his sleeve and straight up brazen lying to the world and he's not curled up in a ball of shame at what his life has become but instead he got a fucking boner after posting that. How are men IDGI.

So annoying that they get to call their moobs "breasts" but women are being told eg. they are "chestfeeders" etc

I feel he should actually go see a doctor, but getting validated by this is a so very TIM thing to do.

The fact that a friend replied and instead of voicing concern, actually asked how they might replicate the symptom on themselves is... yikes.

These are the people who think they are entitled to be in all Women's spaces.

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If my breasts leaked mysterious fluids (outside of pregnancy) I would PANIC and call my gyno immediately.

But women have AGP too, huh? They're so full of it.