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Whoa. I knew a little bit about Larry Wachowski's transing, like him frequently visiting a high-profile dominatrix was part of it... but I didn't realize that dominatrix used to be married to Buck Angel, and that Larry Wachowski apparently got together with Buck's dominatrix wife, ruining both Buck's and his own marriages.

I really gained respect for Buck Angel after reading about the situation, because FFS. Imagine that your wife has a new business partner, who is a really famous guy, kind of eccentric. Your wife starts spending a lot more time with him. You agree to all meet up at a club... then you sit there while the business partner and your wife walk in together, dressed to appear as identical as possible:

In denial at first, Buck Angel demanded some answers. Ilsa arranged for Larry and her to meet Buck at a transsexual club on Santa Monica Boulevard one Friday night in early 2001 to talk things over. At midnight, in walked two tall blondes wearing almost identical wigs, fur jackets and high-heeled shoes. It was Larry and Ilsa, but Larry was virtually unrecognizable.

Buck Angel cooled his heels at the bar, while his wife and Larry Wachowski took a turn on the dance floor. "When they came over to me, Larry would not look me in the eye," Buck recalls. "In the shoes, he's, like, six foot three, a big, tall drag queen. I tried to talk to Larry, but he wouldn't talk to me. His wig was over his eyes, and I told him, 'Man, you should pull your wig up, because you look like a dude in a dress.'"

So, you leave your wife and move from LA to New Orleans, where you work on starting over... just a few years before Hurricane Katrina disrupts your life again. Damn that's bad luck.

The incredible thing tho... is that this article is from 2006... so the current era of trans extremism wasn't yet extreme. I was shocked that they described autogynephilia in a fair amount of detail and quoted the author of The Man Who Would Be Queen - emphasis mine:

J. Michael Bailey, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University and the author of The Man Who Would Be Queen: The Science of Gender-Bending and Transsexualism, is a vocal proponent of the science behind autogynephilia, and although he declined to comment about Larry Wachowski, he did describe typical autogynephilic behaviors. "Autogynephiles frequently mention having a longing to be a girl that begins in childhood," says Bailey. "But the first outward manifestation of it usually crops up in early adolescence, when they discover that it turns them on to wear women's clothing. What you do not see, despite frequent claims to the contrary, is evidence that these folks were notably feminine in childhood."

Fast forward 10 years and this article is gone from the Rolling Stone site, replaced by upbeat celebration when Larry's brother just happened to "come out" as trans in 2016. Great find...