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Thanks for this blast from the past. Now THIS is the take I remember about the Wachowski's .... so when I later heard people saying 'they are the Wachowski sisters now' and actually acting like they were REALLY 'women'... I was so baffled. I KNEW they were AGPs, especially because of all the BSDM stuff involved.

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It's amazing how short the collective memory span of society is, huh? Though, to be fair, I don't think that many people read about the dominatrix and cheating scandal stuff back in the day - they just all saw "Lana" emerge as a 40-something-year-old dressed as a teenage raver, shook their heads, and moved on.

All that happened when I was still more supportive of trans stuff, but even then I remember thinking, "Why do they all seem to look like this ridiculous parody of teenage girls?" Also eventually read the Rolling Stone article and other things about Buck, BDSM, and other details related to this drama, which looking back was probably one of the early steps towards my peaking. Trans lesbians never sat right with me and Larry/Lana was possibly the first one I ever heard about.

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I remember back when "Lilly" came out and a bunch of libfems I knew were celebrating it, and talking about how Jupiter Ascending is clearly a teenage trans girl fantasy, and this was back when I was a libfem myself and even then I was like "what". This idea that grown adults in their 50s are allowed to act like (their idea of) teenage girls is baffling.

Also I'm not sure how much of a fantasy an angel werewolf bodyguard man defending a woman is when they both identify as "lesbians", but I also thought the movie sucked so.

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i remember everyone obsessing over The Matrix too, and saying it was clearly an allegory for transitioning