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He is one of the most disturbed people on the planet, but the fact that doctors will do anything for money shames the whole profession. I've never understood where he gets the endless money from.

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I've read before that surgery (not just plastic) is a profession with one of the highest incidences of sociopathy in it's ranks. I really think that we need to look at all these jobs that seem to attract amoral sociopaths and start vetting, like how if you don't pass a psych screening after you apply to join the FBI you wash out of the program after a certain point. There are jobs that really just shouldn't be allowed to have sociopaths in them, they just end up inflicting misery on people for $$$ (or power, or whatever thing attracted them to the job in the first place), with no incentive to stop.

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Inheritance from grandparents. His net worth in 2018 was estimated at over £30 million. He spent over a million on surgeries.

Whose grandparents have over £30 million???? Dang. And of all the things a person could do with that money, indulging severe mental illness with radical cosmetic surgery was his choice. I'm appalled. That money would do so much good in other areas. Thanks for letting me know. I'd wondered for quite some time.

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Apparently he comes from a wealthy family and he may have connections from that to get other rich people to give him even more money.

I agree, and anyone performing surgery on him needs to have their license revoked. One surgeon walked away from trying to help undo the damage to his botched nose, because of risk of necrosis if he even touched it, and that was back in his Ken doll days. His dad worried he would die on the operating table. Imagine what his body is like now.

And yet, people will be “validating” him left and right on his latest quest, I’m sure.

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Agreed. This dude is clearly mentally unwell and his body is likely in bad shape from all the cosmetic surgery. And now he believes he can get a uterus sewn into his artificially microscopic waist? Operating on this dude at this point is a breech of ethics and I wouldn't trust any doctor willing to do it

Writing in the British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, the scientists said it would be perfectly possible to put a womb into a male body so that they could carry a baby to full-term. And they say it may be ‘legally and ethically impermissible’ not to consider performing the procedure.


Totally fine and completely normal to prioritize a man's insane paraphilia over the very real needs of a developing fetus who cannot consent to being a part of a fucking science experiment.

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They literally just want to kill people at this point for the sake of validating them and their feelings. When medical professionals are this stupid and begin to fail us is when we know for sure humanity is doomed. Babies are not tools for a male's fetish. The very idea that a womb can be transplanted into a male is absurd, but it will never happen. Male's cannot create life, their bodies are not hardwired to. FFS.

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He'll never be happy with himself and eventually will die on the operating table.

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This is it exactly and the surgeon whose table he expires on won’t face a single repercussion and will go on to make bank cutting up more mentally ill/delusional/insecure men and women. How this shit is legal is beyond me.

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Mental illness turned up to 11. Why is this guy like this? What went wrong in his life to make him think all this insane surgery is a good idea, and why doesn't he hate himself/lack such a grounded sense of self that is always chasing physical reinvention and trying to become a physical object, something not sentient that people play with and put away when they are done? I suspect pornography and self-hatred and HSTS internalized homophobia big time… but why so extreme in this case? What makes some people go off the deep end compared to others who are similarly-blight by self-hatred and unhealthy sexual attitudes? These are the questions (among others) psychologists should be asking, and it's the questions (among others) that people will have a field day coming up with all kinds of explanations to in the coming decades as we look back on the postmodern anti-humanist hellscape that was the early 21st century.

[–] Apricot_Ibex [OP] 9 points (+9|-0) Edited

Here he is as “Human Ken” transitioning a few months ago. This person needs mental healthcare, not to be stealing a woman’s uterus to have a baby (which will not work anyway).



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And of course the woke "journalists" blindly cheer him on and pretend he doesn't look hideous

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He's had dozens of surgeries! Doesn't anyone say no to him?

Exactly. HOW is that not illegal?! He will never stop as long as they keep saying yes.

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She said: 'I am desperate to lose my virginity after my sex change surgery and I have been on the hunt for the right guy, but no luck.

Damn, who would have thought: an incel!

'I've been using Tinder in order to chat to those who are supposed to be a match but I haven’t been very lucky.

'My account often gets banned because users report me thinking that it isn't a real profile.

That's because he's probably more silicone than human.

'Last week, I agreed to go on a date with this man who looked and sounded amazing and when I turned up it was a catfish,' she fumed.

deep breath LOOOOOOL

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He thinks sex change surgery turned him into a virgin?

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You know this comment suddenly made me think I am extremely surprised that TIMs who bother to go all the way with surgery are not demanding hymens with their neovaginas so they can lose their female virginity just like they go through their girl puberty or have their menstrual cramps. Is it because the kind of egregious fetishists, pedophiles, age-play period-fantasist AGPs who would be into that are not ones who are willing to relinquish their dicks? Did the school systems fail them so badly that they just don't know about it? I mean, it just seems like hymen breaking would be right up Yaniv's alley, or the ones who go fishing for tampons, or Stephonknee Whatsisname. Or is this actually a thing and I've just been blissfully ignorant?

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Definitely not a mental illness. This is the picture of a healthy, well adjusted, mentally sound adult.

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