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I'm gonna have to disagree with your added narrative of a "torture device" on this one - the TIM does take safety extremely seriously here, and the volts aren't anywhere close to levels of potential danger. "Torture device" is a tad far.

I don't like TIMs either, but I also don't think we should be jumping to paint them in a bad light at everything immediately solely because they're trans-identified. I think if anyone but a TIM had produced this, the reaction likely also wouldn't have been as negative. I'd say it sounds kind of fun, even. It's about as harmful as one of those other prank games that "punish" the player for failing, like getting pied in the face, or getting squirted with water or whatever. Retracting this - I had read this initially as an issue of safety regarding the shocks only, but now regardless of the safety, I think he just likes being subjected to pain.

The Shockbox is a plastic junction box filled with wires, balsa wood, and a small device similar to a TENS unit which delivers the electrical shock through electrodes taped to a player’s arm.

TENS units have been used elsewhere in their proper capacities with moderate successes. Sure, they come with their own risk factors, but anything involving electricity does. Your hair dryer could kill you.

It’s hilarious hearing the players squeal whenever they get shocked but Sheepwave stresses how important safety was when designing this box. The actual shocking mechanism of the box is powered separately from the rest of the box’s components and runs off a single nine-volt battery which isn’t powerful enough to cause harm. She also installed circuit breakers and fuses players can pull out of the box to disconnect it from the power source should an emergency arise.

9 Volt Batteries

From above: "Now, onto the next myth. There’s a 9 volt battery internet rumor about people sticking their tongue on battery contacts and dying. Rumor has it that there’s a certain number of deaths each year from victims licking 9 volt batteries. This is totally untrue. I’m sure you guessed that.

(2:13) To kill a person, an electrical shock has to pass through the heart causing arrhythmia. Even if it entered the body, a 9 volt current is not strong enough to cause arrhythmia. But also, it never actually enters the body. Lick a 9 volt battery. That tingle comes from current zipping between the positive and negative terminals across your wet tongue."

“Making sure the systems are separate means even a worst case failure on one side won’t put anyone in danger and the Shockbox running on internal batteries rather than a wall plug is another safety feature.”

Sheepwave also created a calibration mode for the box that allows each player to set their shocks at a level comfortable for them.

“While its been very fun to play up the ‘mad scientist with no regard for safety or sanity’ thing on social media, I definitely want to be sure people understand that image is for entertainment value and I’ve put several times more work into safety features than anything else.”

Edit: While going through the video to see the shocks, there ARE a few instances of the TIM behaving in the usual AGP manners.

Overall - they have a huge kind of placemat / mousepad of an illustration of two women about to kiss, on "Meghan"'s end of the table, probably his chosen backdrop. Gross enough.

30:19 - TIM gets shocked. Screams a bit in a manner that's decidedly uncomfortable to watch.

45:39 - TIM's other friend (NB going from their snowflake name and getup) gets shocked, but barely reacts. They talk about how their settings are already on maximum or something and if they should play up reactions for the camera.

58:33 - TIM gets shocked again, screams again and drops his entire hand of cards. Lesser reaction this time compared to the first scream.

59:58 - TIM goes, "I'm a bimbo - I don't have to know things."

2:02:05 - Guy I'm assuming is gay gets shocked, laughs it off after jumping a bit.

2:13:20 - TIM gets shocked again, screams again. Starting to sense a pattern here. I'd honestly have less issues if he was just shocking himself as a guy with girly screams, but with the cross dressing in, starting to come off like a weird thing.

2:37:38 - TIM laughs the malest victory laugh ever and his "womanly" voice has been slowly dropping off as the video progresses.

It's fucking almost 3 hours long and I don't want to see that shit lol, most of it is just boring table top RPG anyway.

2:43:22 - Gay guy goes "If you are furry, I have a furry discord channel" to the audience. siiiiiigh why are the gay dudes always the ones imagining themselves as hulky muscular literal bears

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I agree, this actually looks fun, despite his AGP I'm actually glad tims are doing something for society other than complaining about trans issues.

Choker? ☑

Deranged smile and wide eyed look?☑

Frilly dress with PINK flowers?☑

AGP head tilt?☑

They're all the same.