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One of the comments

I get symptoms every month, for the past 10 years on hrt. They vary somewhat in intensity each time but they always happen. The treatment is generally the same as for cis women's periods, midol, baths, rest, chocolate, comfort foods, etc.

he is just giving period stereotypes he has heard from shitty movies and TV shows lmao

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Here's another one:

Ive heard some of my friends say chocolate helps with cramps as well but I havent had a chance to test that since I end up eating all my chocolate within a couple days of getting it anyway.

And then someone else says this

I think anyone who insists it can't happen is a bit suspect given how widely reported it is.

Maybe we don't believe you because 1) you base yourselves on sexist stereotypes 2) you're the most unreliable narrators around and last but not least 3) you don't have the equipment you idiots.

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I read that comment too! Widely reporting something that has no basis in reality doesn't mean it happens!!!

They have no uterine tissue that that would lead to the symptoms. They don't have a varying level of female hormones that creates basically the rest of the symptoms. A period or something similar would be quite literally impossible.

I wouldn't get mad if they would recognize that being a man taking estrogen could cause certain emotional/physical symptoms and talk about how those symptoms manifest as separate from periods. but nooo, they say this is literally my period, I get periods, and because we say we get periods its obviously true

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Men love using whatever excuse they can get to be lazy and self-indulgent.

I don't know any woman who does the things he listed. In fact, I've been told the opposite. "Don't eat anything sugary or anything with caffeine, it makes period pain worse" "Cut out gluten and dairy from your diet" "Switch to a vegetarian or vegan diet"

So, zero comfort, fatty or junk foods.

Teenage girls don't even get those privileges? We were told to suck it up. We just took painkillers (if accessible) and pretended we weren't in pain and discomfort.

Oh, unless he's talking about when girls have a health disorder related to our female reproductive system that goes untreated for years because doctors refuse to consider there's anything wrong since "period pain is normal"? When that happened to me, I was bedbound for 2 days every 3 weeks because the unbearable pain caused me to continuously vomit and faint. I wouldn't be able to eat for days. Nothing was more important to me than my education, so I was having panic attacks when I missed any school.

I guess technically, I was in bed, unconscious and missing school... maybe he considers that "rest"?

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I was thinking that, too! I get horrible period pains, and when I was a teen, I was told to eat healthy foods and not allowed to drink coffee. If I ate junk foods or drank coffee I wasn't allowed to complain.

It does help marginally to avoid certain foods, but even with the avoidance, my pains were still horrible. I also would be bed bound and waking up every 20 minutes for two days! I wouldn't be able to eat normal amounts of food either. Jobs don't view it as an excuse to miss work so I would just be in agony on my feet for 2 days a month. When talking to doctors about it I would get "period pains are normal" because I was conditioned to just suck it up and wasn't sobbing in pain like I want to.

I'm certain that if the average man had my worst period pains for just 2 hours he would literally call an ambulance let alone go to work every day lol

I started using a menstrual cup instead of tampons and that has helped a lot. Research told me that cups shouldn't influence cramps, but it has been night and day and has been the single biggest thing to help them. It helped more than even hormonal birth control.

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It’s almost sad. It’s clear these dudes want an excuse to enjoy some rest and comfort food. But that would be “feminine.” So they have to trans themselves. Why can’t men just enjoy nice things?

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That stuck out to me too. My periods are extremely mild, I only get some light cramping if at all, but they have been somewhat worse in the past. I've never changed my routine or eating habits or stopped working out because of them.

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I don't get any of those symptoms. Perhaps my cycle isn't real because it's never been represented in popular culture 🙄

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If we started saying a common sympton of periods was that our right foot swelled and we became mysteriously fluent in French they'd all swear they had the exact same issue

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This is a great idea. We should start a bizarre misinformation campaign and watch them pick up the nonsense with absolute seriousness. Stereotype worshippers.

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The treatment is generally the same as for cis women's periods, midol, baths, rest, chocolate, comfort foods, etc.

Lol, I literally never use any of that to get through a period, and never have. That is a man's misogynistic fantasy of what it's like to have a period.

I take an Aleve if I can catch it fast enough, but if I'm truly unfortunate I have to suffer with a lot of pain for hours until I can get some. The rest is just trying not to get blood stains everywhere. Who has time for relaxing baths, or room in the daily calorie budget for a bunch of chocolate and fatty food? I don't even really want to eat on my period. The biggest food craving is for red meat, probably because my iron gets low. Who gives women any time for extra rest?? I have literally never taken any time off work or school for my period, doesn't matter how bad or how stained I have gotten my clothes.

He thinks we spend 5 days relaxing in the tub eating chocolate. Lol

Only reliable painkiller I had was a hot water bottle, and if the period was bad enough to need that I’d be at home. Used to happen a lot in my 20s, I used most of my sick leave that way.

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God, and this jewel:

Yeah i think this may be a bit of a miss understanding about periods as the uterus doesnt shed its innerlining by grind it up as some women describe the feeling but accually dissolves the innerlining and lets it drain out.

Who the hell would actually think your body is grinding up uterine lining? But anyway, the reason it may feel like that is the lining is expelled through uterine contractions that really F ing hurt!! It's all just in our ladybrains though, this guy knows it's really just a painless process that never goes awry when some of the lining migrates outside the uterus and painlessly dissolves in your abdominal cavity. We girls are so silly!

/s if it wasn't obvious

I am getting so angry reading these men mansplaining periods. Ugh. I need to stop hate reading this shit

Not only doesn’t understand periods, can’t manage spelling, either.

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Women are under researched by the scientific community. Trans women are even less researched.

Flames on the sides of my face.

Men are treated as the default by the medical and scientific communities.

Under-researched! Men!

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It's a misogynistic myth that women are allowed to do nothing but "self care" for days during their period. Work, children, household chores & other responsibilities don't stop existing when women experience pain and discomfort.

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Number of women that suffer from full PMS - 20% Number of male stand up comics that make cheap PMS jokes about their partners - 99%

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i dearly want to plaster all these subreddits with an image describing how the menstrual cycle works. i really do.

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