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What happened to the woman kneeling in the center? Her breasts look mutilated? Cancer survivor??

(Not mocking- just wondering how having obvious breasts and exposing them makes your bathing suit “queer”)

ETA: typo

I’m not sure but that would be my guess

Honestly if the campaign was centred around her and other women with similar conditions I would be on board

And I don’t know what’s queer about it, but as queer seems to have lost all proper meaning it could be anything

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Queer now means “look at me, I’m so unique.” Nothing to do with sexual orientation anymore.

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Her swimsuit actually bothers me. It’s just a basic one piece folded down. Why couldn’t she wear a nice bottom if she was going to have her breasts exposed? It just feels so “after thought” as though she’s not as important as the others. Insulting.

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Wow, this is sooooo interesting and ground-breaking...I didn't realize "Garments are inherently gender neutral, as they are just objects. Garments don't have a gender" and yet these swimsuits must be explicitly designed for the "queer community."

It's so funny that garments, which purportedly don't have an innate gender, must be loudly engineered for a group of people with defined gender identities. If garments are "inherently gender neutral," then why can't the "queer community" wear any old swimsuits from any section of a store?


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Welp, I've seen my share of dick bulges for the day.

I think this is the right circle

The last thing I want to see at the beach tbh

Or anywhere really.

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I don’t want to see it either, but this should dispel the idea that TIMs don’t keep their dicks pretty quick

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How do they not see how regressive they are by making swimsuits not catered to the male gaze a “trans” thing?? Women, contrary to popular (aka your) opinion, do NOT need to constantly obey the wants of the male gaze. Believe it or not, engaging in activities designed and supported by men for their nasty penises’ sake ISN’T empowering!!