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"adorable, wholesome, and cute" -- a close lesbian friend in college had an abusive partner and I watched her suffer, go back to it, get bullied.... Wish I'd had this post to show her abusive girlfriend. Then she'd have realized she was doing lesbian wrong.

Stop fetishizing lesbians. And straight women. Leave lesbians alone. Leave all women alone.

"adorable, wholesome, and cute"

Real life is not an anime series, uWu.


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all the sensible replies calling him out for infantilization and fetishization and then this idiot:

You might be trans

Look into it


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"I wish I was born a women so I could have a healthy relationship with another person" my god dude this has nothing to do with being a women it has everything to do with who you are as a person and who you choose to share that with.

If he's wondering why as a a man he can't be one half of an adorable, wholesome, cute couple, he might want to take that issue up with r/AskMen, not r/AskLesbians.

Jesus fuck, the post history. I don't know what the fuck a "sissy knighthood" is but I don't want one to start.

But also lol @ r/SissyRoomateFinder 🀒 just imagine that fine selection of potential roomies. Definitely the kind of people you'd want to share a living space with, I'm sure.

Ugh these men are disgusting.

But also lol @ r/SissyRoomateFinder

I wish SNL wasn't Woke and had the courage to do that sketch.

Maybe South Park will?

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"I have edited this just because I don't think I worded this correctly" God I shudder to think how much creepier the original post must have been.

The way TIMs (men in general but TIMs are a special case) fetishize lesbians and lesbian relationships, in a just and fair world, would set off alarm bells in everyone's minds, including their own. You can't conceptualize being a male in a wholesome relationship with a female that actually makes her happy and feel loved and valued, that only two females can be like that as a couple? This to me sounds more like there's a serious issue with how you and other men were raised to behave in interpersonal relationships than "lesbians are magical and speshul, and the fact that I don't want to abuse women (for the moment at least, but don't kinkshame) means I must be one too" is such a fucked up thought process. The fact that it happens and is now being actively encouraged and considered part of feminism, and that those who would disagree (usually women) and say these men aren't women nor lesbians are mocked and threatened, really shows how ingrained misogyny is in our society, especially in the way men are raised. Jeeeesus

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I saw this in the wild a few days ago and almost posted it here. Makes me want to crawl out of my skin. I don’t know how to get these people to understand how creepy they sound