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I couldn't read the article because I was starting to feel ill. I applaud Genevieve Gluck for reporting on this pile of steaming hot shit. She's got iron nerves.

I read some of it, wtf is wrong with men???? This shit is horrifying

APP (autopedophilia) often overlaps with AGP (autogynephilia).
The combination of the two is at the heart of transgenderism. People do not want to look at this degeneracy, because every normal sane person feels sick. Instead, people choose to believe 'gender dysphoria' pity party narratives.

APP - "Autopedophilia, or sexual arousal by the idea of being a child, was common. Furthermore, autopedophilic men tended to be sexually aroused by imagining themselves as the kinds of children (with respect to gender and age) to whom they are sexually attracted." https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0956797616677082

Another application on Google Play is Crossdresser - Transform from Male to Female, which gives tips on how to present as a woman, is available for free, and is rated for ages three and up.

This is grotesque.

They used a picture of a little girl who killed herself for porn. Only men could be so disgusting, so cruel, so horrifically eager to exploit children.