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What the fuck did I just read.

I’m HG riddled at 27 weeks, been sick with HG since 6 weeks, had to rush to the hospital after one in the morning in panic a few nights ago because I was panicked about reduced fetal movement after my baby girl hiccuped and then went still, vomited up eggs today and had to scoop them out of the sink while coping with loose joints and cramping leg pain……

….and this idiot fetishist walks around a store duping people into believing he is pregnant for uWu VaLiDaTiOn for his sick fetish.

God I hate these men appropriating us and pregnancy like this.

Oh no, I am 28 weeks, and I am so sorry to hear you are still struggling with HG. I had awful morning sickness and lost 15 pounds my first trimester, barely avoided the hospital myself.

Have you tried using half a pill of unisom (doxylamine succinate) at night? It has made a huge difference for me in both pregnancies, and even such a low dose right before bed seems to be enough to make symptoms tolerable. I am still sick sometimes, but I am always sick if I miss a pill (I try to get off now and then and it never works).

It is pregnancy category A, basically used to be combined with Vit. B6 as Bendectin in the US, was taken off the market due to birth defect lawsuits, but Canada and Europe never took it off the market. As a result, there were tons of studies looking specifically for birth defects and it was never found to actually cause any, so now it's marketed again in the US as Diclegis.

I tried avoiding in the first trimester because that's the greatest risk time for birth defects, so I wanted to avoid anything at all if I could. In both pregnancies it was either try something or go to the hospital for an IV at 9 weeks, and this stuff made all the difference.

I will say that my first child had a birth defect after all, but I am assured it was not related to this and happened at 6-8 weeks, before I started taking the medication... For full disclosure. But as I said, I am taking it again this pregnancy (morning sickness is even worse with this one), because I really don't think it had anything to do with that. And you are so far down the road anyway, if it might give you some relief I thought I would recommend it.

The fucker wore it out. Bring back kink shaming please jesus christ

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I am also pregnant and find this so offensive.

It is wonderful I be pregnant, it truly is a gift to feel your child inside your womb and have that early connection with them. But it's also a horrible, dangerous experience. Sometimes I want to crawl out of my own skin, I just feel so bad and invaded. And it has absolutely nothing to do with sexual gratification whatsoever.

I can understand wanting to feel that closeness to your child, but if it were really about that, this guy would want a kid no matter whether the baby was fathered or mothered by him. This is about a fetish, since he specifically wants to be a pregnant mom, to the exclusion of parenting as a dad. The only reason to parade around in a fake belly is to get some kind of sexual gratification. Disgusting.

It’s so weird how they say that they want to get pregnant. I’ve never known a woman without children who actually wanted to get pregnant and go through the 9 month process of creating and birthing a child. It’s scary and dangerous.

I want to have kids but pregnancy scares me.

It is

I wanted to be pregnant more than anything, and of course I'm over the moon I am now at 31 weeks, but the toll it's taken on my body has been horrendous. I've been throwing up since 6 weeks, hospitalized for dehydration at 8 weeks and currently am anaemic and barely able to breathe most days. I can't even get up the stairs in my home without extreme muscle fatigue. This is the worst I've ever been and I've had the visual disturbances return from my Trigeminal Neuralgia which I'm fearing might come back in full force. I can't even sleep anymore without having to use the loo 3+ times a night (leading to being delirious with fatigue) with baby leaning right on my bowel/bladder. It's just constant pain, everyday. Before I couldn't even walk due to sciatica.

It is scary and dangerous. But the one goal that keeps me going is my baby girl especially when I feel her moving around in there. The 9 months of pain makes that alone worth it.

These men think it's magical and joyous. I can barely even take pictures of myself as I'm so weak/drained most days and nearly suffocating. So believe me when say fucking HATE these fetishists.

Keeping you in my thoughts, sister. That sounds awful. I want to have a baby, but am horrified of the process.

I wondered why he got "Gendered" correctly. I'd like to hear this dude explain why that happened without using "bio-essentialist" talking points. Not all females can get pregnant after all, so there's absolutely zero reason why he'd get mistaken for a female. Seriously, WHY did this happen. So strange 🤔🤔🤔

Wouldn’t people just have assumed it was beer belly? I’ve seen some examples which would outdo a woman expecting twins at 9 months.

Lmfao being a skinny woman with a little poochy tummy, I'd rather someone just call me fat than assume I'm pregnant ever again

I bet he was dressed totally inappropriately for a trip to the grocery store as well.

His post is fake anyway. People dont mention pregnancy to pregnant women because we’re afraid that they aren’t pregnant, and that they’re actually fat.