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Run woman, run! I feel horrified for her sake. Violating boundaries is the motor behind AGP. It will only get worse.

It's trivially fucking easy for men to order their own clothing. But it's the violation that gives their balls that little extra tickle, isn't it?

Some should tell them about autogynephilia and maybe send them an invite code

I might have replied to one of her questions about why he wants to wear her underwear when he has his own. Waiting to see how long until they ban me. Lol.

"Thing is they already have their own electric razor, and bought their own underwear. So I'm confused as to why my stuff is being used."

...I'm not!

It’s really sad that she apparently couldn’t put 2 + 2 together. This comment was even more sick/sad:

I feel you , I grew up with a brother who would take my underwear bras swimsuits, anything slight personal and feminine (tampons/pads) he would take and I would find it hidden under his bed… I got him his own eventually and that didn’t work my things still went missing. He once had my ballet leotard on under his clothes and I got so mad I just yelled at him to stop taking my stuff and get his own. I eventually moved out once I could because I can’t stand my stuff going missing and the thought of what he was doing with my stuff.. and I was only 9 when this started happening. It doesn’t get better … it got to the point where he was using my tampons so I’d say something before it goes farther. I ended up moving out the day before my 18th birthday.

It’s scary how almost everyone in that thread is ignoring the elephant in the room.

Her use of the passive voice in that last sentence says a lot. She's upset but clearly is not ready to hold him accountable and it's sad.