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Lol at the outraged replies - one says

This is out of context! He doesn’t have sex with animals, he has sex with male humans who act like “pups”

Oh well that’s totally normal then.

Another reply:

"9 times out of 10, when people openly and consistently condemn a specific type of sexual behavior, it means they are thinking about it often, most likely because they are turned on by it."

Male idiocy at its finest.

Exactly. Furries and the like that sexualize non-human animals need to start being viewed like “altruistic pedophiles.” All that means is “hasn’t abused a non-human animal yet.” It’s still an inappropriate sexualization of a non-consenting being, and it’s disgusting and unacceptable.

-minor correction All that means is he claims he hasn't abused an animal yet. Press X to doubt.

Absolutely right. Going after victims who can’t defend themselves or tell someone what a worthless piece of garbage you are. The level of pathetic is unmatched. It’s interesting how “masculinity” is always about hurting people/animals so much weaker than yourself. Says something about the fragility of the entire concept.

"you talk like those who oppose gay marriage!!"

Uhhhh sir, there is a limit between a man making love with another man and a man who fucks another man who is pretending to be a pup.