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I saw several comments on Twitter recently that ‘cis women masturbate in public lavatories all the time’. Quite honestly I think they’d seen some porn vids filmed in public loos and took them as documentaries.

I've never discussed this with other women (well, because I've never assumed that anyone would masturbate in a public bathroom - naive little me), but I'm like 99 % sure no woman does that. A public bathroom is literally one of the least sexually appealing places I can think of.

and even if they do (which they 100% do not) why does that mean the male sex class, the sex class that commits 99% of sexual offences, is suddenly allowed into women's spaces? it makes no sense.

Public bathrooms are gross enough to use for their intended purpose.

I think it's extremely safe to say that women don't masturbate in public restrooms.

"BUt tHeY jUsT wAnT to PEe" 🙄🤮

From Fuzzyball on Gettr #transisafetish

This feels like it has to be satire / bait.

And yet… I know it’s probably not.

This is obvious satire or trolling/bait.

It's just a little too close to real TIM posting.

Well… it’s discord.

TIM’s discords can be some of the most unhinged, mask’s off moments.

It’s believable to me, because I’ve seen TIM’s like this. 🙃

Really, let's stick to critiquing believable stuff. This is too pat.

If we stuck to only critiquing the believable, we would have no posts.

But I think this post is believable to anyone who has ever spent time in discords with TIMs.

Lighten up and let women do what they want. We don't have to be serious and stuffy 24/7. Who cares, just let women talk, even if it's dumb fake bullshit. Women are allowed to be dumb, silly, and wrong—there's nothing wrong with more discussion.

this is enraging. it shows clearly that this person thinks of life as a video game. "girl mode" for him is a reality for others. he can change his clothes and still benefit from his male privilege. he uses the "girl mode" to get an erection. to me it is very clear, it is a paraphilia. he does it all for sexual gratification and it also tells us what he thinks of women and girls. they are sexual objects. "girl mode" to him is associated with the word "cok" written on the baseball cap and "fk my a*" written on the T-shirt. in women's bathrooms, women enter with their children, boys or girls because it's safer than entering a men's bathroom with toddlers. I see mothers all the time entering women's bathrooms with their little ones because in the men's bathroom, men could be having sex among each other or they may just be swinging their penises at other people. of course, this very deranged male doesn't think of the children potentially seeing him or hearing him masturbating in a stall.

This TIM is going to McDonald's dressed like a six year old.

But OK seriously. Long pants and a long top that covers your Boner Parts, plus gaffer tape to hold it in a tuck. Keep that boner to yourself sir.

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This TIM is going to McDonald's dressed like a six year old.

Creepy and childlike, except for the text designs:


"Fuck my ass ♥"


surely a troll or some sort of humiliation fetish. it's disgusting men think like that either way.

Replace cock with bitch or dyke on that hat and you have my fucking brother. Boner in every picture. Its so gross I hate it

This is 🤪 😜 🤪 😜 🤪.

Why did these AGP men have to constantly bring Women down to their pornsick level. We know there are going to be a % of them that actually does this.

I day without White Male Nonsense: 0

Caps with "cock" written on them are totally women's clothing, I wear them all the time, don't you ladies?

yep. and i always pair it with my shirt that says 'fuck my ass' so you know exactly what to do with the one on my cap /s

..honestly these ghastly clown parodies are just so fucking disgusting

What is that outfit 😂😂😂😂 imagine using the loo and this deranged clown is jizzing all over the place

In my (super red) state's subreddit, the woke bros were all giving different forms of "let them pee!" and "who does anything bad in a bathroom, it's a bathroom!" and "bad people will find a way in anyway possible, stop making a fuss about transwomen!" after my state tried but failed to pass a bill banning men from using women's spaces. People just don't get it.

You should send this to them (or post this there- well that's just a guaranteed way of getting banned i guess lol)... or will they just be like "notalltr*ns"?

I'm guessing "not all" or "they're not really trans! They're pretending" 😏 I see the last one from some irl friends 🙄

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