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Lots of lesbians come out later in life, after finding out that, not only are they attracted to women, but that they were never actually attracted to men at all (comp het is a mind fuck). That's fine. That's lesbian.

But there are now lots of women finding they are attracted to women and that women are more fully human in relationships than men are capable of being. So they call themselves lesbians to get in on relationships with lesbians and whatever remains of lesbian community in private gatherings. Except they are still sexually attracted to men and want the relative ease of living in society coupled with a man as well as the more direct route to having kids.

These women are obviously bi. I think they call themselves "lesbian" partly out of the horizontal hostility women act out toward other women in trying to get and keep mens approval. Bi women know that men, especially now the men who larp as women/lesbians, fetishize lesbians and that men are annoyed, and even enraged, that lesbians will never want anything to do with men. But bi women get massive approval from men for saying "See? Lesbians love dick. Look at me!"

And I think that there is also an element of anger and resentment by bi women toward lesbians. They can't get rid of their attraction - that lesbians never have to deal with - to their oppressors, to the class of people responsible for most of the bad things that happen to women. It's as if lesbians deserve to get shit on because we never get into the kind of relationships (ie: with men) in which all other women are shit on. Like they think we think we are too good to suffer that way.

At least that is how it seems from what bi women say when they are being honest and speaking unguardedly. They know how damaging it is to falsely call themselves lesbian. They just don't care.