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This is such a bizarre and grotesque thing to talk about in a lesbian space-- I can understand a woman who is unsure and trying to figure things out stating something similar in less disgusting terms, but she really seems to be gunning for the absolutely most porny way to describe whatever she's thinking and she HAS to know it disturbs the lesbians in that sub... the way she is responding to women who are like "hell no" is telling. She-- or "she"-- is definitely fetish mining at the least, an element of whatever gets her off is definitely how violating it is for her to make other women listen to her.

I did know a woman like this once, she would talk about her boyfriend's dick in family restaurants, would share her bizarre and nasty thoughts about sex, would randomly proclaim she was a lesbian and attempt to get graphic about it (despite being disgusted herself with women's bodies) whenever she was upset with men... I didn't want to hear any of it and that was kind of the point for her, she wanted to say all sorts of violating things to female friends who were disgusted by it (myself and our friend who was a virgin at the time).

Boundary violation, particularly of women, is at the core of male socialization and male sexuality. Women who partner with men (and this woman is obviously bi, still attracted to men) absorb and normalize male socialization and male socialized sexuality to a lesser or greater extent. They have to in order to have relationships with men. So they sometimes engage in some typical male socialized boundary violation toward other women - especially other women who reject all men sexually.

This is a really interesting observation which definitely explains some thing I have witnessed/read about. Thanks.