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Whyyyy are women like this so obsessed with identifying as a lebsian?

I seriously don't get it. I kinda get the Kinsey 5's who have no intention of being involved with a man wanting to call themselves lesbians (although I still don't think they should), but why are women who are actively having sex with men insisting that they're lesbians? What do they get out of it?

Also looking through her post history, found she posted the same thing on /r/sex, which resulted in this disgusting exchange:

It's not surprising given a million years of evolution. Your body and your hormones are designed to promote reproduction.

Good point! It definitely must be a primal thing. I think it does mainly happen when I’m ovulating

Do these people hear themselves!? "Lesbians are designed to want dick when they're fertile"!? 🤮

I definitely feel hornier when I'm ovulating... hornier for women. Not very productive reproduction-wise but that is the thing with homosexuality 🤣