The depictions of the TIMS made me laugh due to how accurate they are. They hate to see it drawn, but are somehow okay with the material reality enough to post it all the time LMAO. Also, I had to roll my eyes through the back of my head because of that TIF crying about antisemitism. Give me a break. That said, the story is pretty decent; although the art is very Tumblr-esque and puts me off.

It was the Tumblr-esque art that made me nervous to be honest, but comments on this post so far are very encouraging. Whatever else is there, the artist is working really hard on nuance, and I respect that.

Whoa I guess I skimmed that part about the TIF.

All I know is Blaire is an emotional abuser

Ohhhh lmao. Yeah I avoided the comment section because I had a feeling it was gonna be a shitshow.

They always miss the entire point 🙄 and then make it about something else entirely